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The Verizon Hub, any thoughts?


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In seriousness, I'd not seen or heard of it before, but with only what I've read on their website it sounds a bit like a problem in search of a solution to me. Maybe it's targeted at the non-computer savvy, but with Netbooks down below $300 for a full-fledged computer it seems tough to sell one of these for $200 plus $35 per month.

Do you know more about them? What's the idea behind it? What would make it interesting to someone?


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I thought about getting one to replace my Vonage line at the house, because I am with Verizon. The thing that is compelling to me is I can set it up to ring my home phone, work cell, and personal cell all at the same time if I want. That way if I am expecting an important call at the house (or on any of those numbers) I can ensure I won't miss it because I am always near one of those phones. It will ring them all, then the first one to answer gets the call.

That, and it is just really cool. The verizon sales guy claims that my Blackberry schedule would automatically sync to the hub just like it does to my outlook, so it would also allow my wife access to my calendar right at the house if she was planning something she wanted me to attend; it would make certain things easier it sounds. I am a little apprehensive because I don't do two year contracts, plus the verizon sales guy seemed to be giving me all the right answers and it seemed like he was guessing a little, simply telling me what I wanted to hear.

I need to do more research on it, I just haven't had the time and it isn't really high on the priority list.

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