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FS: A few things 10.5 touch, wifi speaker point, wifi minitouch etc


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Hi Guys, I have some pieces left over from my recent relocation to a new house that I'd like to sell together if possible.

10.5 touchscreen Ver.1 I suspect. Black TSM10.51-B

Wifi minitouch screen white tsg-3.8c1-b

Wifi Speakerpoint avg raa1-b

2 wireless switches one black one white NIB

4 wireless dimmers white NIB

All are essentially brand new and never used, as my new house design had to be re-thought thanks to lack of $$$

I am looking for $2300 or very near offer. I will ship for free worldwide if I get my asking price.

Please PM me if interested.



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David - if you are willing to split this stuff up I would be interested in your Wifi speakerpoinrt, 4 dimmers, and maybe the 10.5 inch. If you are willing to split it up, let me know your price on those items.

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DavidY, you do realize that buying these dimmers from a dealer is only $99, right?

I may be interested in the speakerpoint, let me research pricing a little bit.

The other stuff is priced higher than can be found on ebay....good luck.

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It is tough to say...

The switches seem like they are probably priced appropriately based on the increase, but that just took place so I haven't seen many transactions take place since.

I bought a 10.5 inch touchpanel on ebay a couple of months ago for $500 + $30 for shipping, but I have seen them bring as high as $700 and as low as $360.

The speakerpoint is a little more "off the map" in terms of popularity, plus I have never looked for one since I just use the Control4 amp. It is maxed out though and I want to put speakers in the garage. I can't believe I didn't think of that when I built the house....

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That sounds fair...I just don't want to buy all of it.

To be honest, I feel like you will have better luck posting prices for each individual item. Make the pricing aggressive, and buyers will come.

I may buy the 10.5 inch. I have two already, but they sure a fun.

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Hi guys, well I've had the hard word put on me by the missus and I will now let it go for $1200 for everything plus shipping anywhere, which is a steal I believe!

I really need to sell it! I can put some photos up if anyone is interested too.


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