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Which matrix switcher?


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 I am working on building my Control4 system “on a budget” so I am trying to buy as much used equipment as possible.  I am building a 2600 Square foot home.   I have an Ea3 I got off eBay  and 3 dimmers and 2 switches so far. I am looking for a matrix switcher that I would like to use a separate amp for.  I will have about 10 zones.   

I obviously would love to find a used triad but don’t think that will happen soon.  I have seen the 16s2-e-b and the aC4-16ZAMSV3-B for sale. Are one of these newer/better models then the other?  Trying to decide which one to buy.

Any help or advice is MUCH appreciated.  

Thanks in advance! 

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I am not planning to have volume control knobs around the house.  I would like to control the volume from my phone/c4 tablet (which would also love to see which one people recommend). 

So the v3 would give me the ability to do that? I also have not found a multi channel amp yet. 

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Yes the V3 allows for exactly that, regardless of what amp you have behind it.

The V2 would require you to have a controlled amplifier behind it (to do it 'right', 25 steps just doesn't work very nicely). And generally, a controlled amp would be quite a bit more expensive.

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