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As it stands now I have (all distributed from a rack room):



65 Lights/Dimmer Switches (Caseta)

4 - KD-120

2 - Z2io

11 -TP Link Bulbs and a Energy Plug

Nest TStat

2 - Kwikset Door Locks

10 - Motion Sensors Card Access WMS models ( do these mesh?)

EA-5 Music Services all being matrixed via HDMI via Denon to the 2 extended rooms.


1 A/V Zone 7.2.4 via Denon X8500 extended via HDBaseT Monitor 1 with isolated ROKU, TiVo and matrixed C4 OSD and Samsung BluRay


1 A/V Zone (Sonos 5.1) sources extended from same Denon via HDBaseT Zone 2 with isolated ROKU, TiVo and matrixed C4 OSD and Samsung BluRay


6 Alexa Echo/Spot (adding more v3 Dots)



Adding Zone 3 (local A/V) Bedroom (Sonos)

Adding Zone 4 (local A/V) Loft (Soundbar)

Adding Zone 5 (local A/V) Kitchen/Sonos

Adding a Ring Elite Door Bell and a few cameras. Plus a ring cam/motion/flood. Then finally a complete security system.


Lastly, 3 Additional Audio Rooms being added (Bathrooms) (not sure how quite yet have in-ceilings to pull back to the rack).


Here’s what I have gathered additionally:


EA-3 v1 and 1 SR260

EA-1 v1 and 1 SR260

2 Additional KD-120’s


I’m thinking I sell the EA-3 and grab another 2 EA-1’s and remotes. I’d install them in Zone 2 (MBR), Bedroom & Loft. The kitchen is open to the main zone and could just use a remote. Don’t need OSD there. Don’t really use OSD anyway outside of the Main and Zone 2 (MBR). The extra EA’s would be more for my mesh and hopes of relieving the EA5 of some load.


Any ideas of a good way to add (with these controllers) performance and features to my setup?




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