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Theater Display Switcher No OnScreen Navigator

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When I try to access the Onscreen Navigator using the button on the FB 
to start up, nothing happens. If I remove the video endpoint from the Theater Display Switcher and put it on the TV, it works again. But then Switcher won't work any more. Does anyone have the same problems ?
The EA3 controller is connected to the TV via HDMI HDMI 1, the other sources are connected via a HDMI matrix (Hdfury Vertex 2 with selfmade driver) 
to the HDMI2 from the TV and to the projector.
What also surprises me is that when I switch sources, the devices that are no longer in use do not go off, is that normal?

Or is there another solution to switch 2 displays in one room ?

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Hi Hendrik,

As there can be only one video endpoint in the room, which in this case is the Theater Display Switcher, all external video sources need to be routed via the device which is allowing you to view the same sources on multiple displays, in your case the video matrix, but could be a HDMI splitter or AVR with dual HDMI outputs. In order for this to work correctly you will need to get your OSD HDMI feed from a source which is connected to the video matrix, that could be a separate EA-1 in the rack where the video matrix is, or a HDMI cable from the EA-3 back to the video matrix.

The alternative arrangement is to separate the two displays into different rooms, one for TV and the other for projector and then add programming so that when one room is turned on the other is turned off and vice versa.

It it quite normal for source devices to remain powered on when you switched between sources, they will get turned off when a 'Room Off' command is issued.


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