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  1. Thank you for your detailed description. I have now connected the output from the EA3 to the input from the Oppo, because my matrix is full and only has to program which port should be set on the matrix and it works as desired. Many thanks
  2. Hi Hast Du es geschafft eine kanalliste in die VU+ zu bekommen ? Ich habe gerade das selbe problem.
  3. When I try to access the Onscreen Navigator using the button on the FB to start up, nothing happens. If I remove the video endpoint from the Theater Display Switcher and put it on the TV, it works again. But then Switcher won't work any more. Does anyone have the same problems ? The EA3 controller is connected to the TV via HDMI HDMI 1, the other sources are connected via a HDMI matrix (Hdfury Vertex 2 with selfmade driver) to the HDMI2 from the TV and to the projector. What also surprises me is that when I switch sources, the devices that are no longer in use do not go off, is that
  4. Hello I also have problems with the driver, after connecting the video endpoint the OnScreen device does not work anymore. you have the same problem
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