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3 streams of music


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So this is probably a stupid beginners question but for some reason I can't comprehend this theory. The EA3 has 3 audio streams. 1 is the digital coax out, 1 is the 3.5 stereo audio out and 1 is the hdmi. So if I have a multi zone c4 amp and let's say my daughter wants to stream something in her room, while my wife in the kitchen and then myself in the garage and the hdmi out is already plugged into the avr for on screen controls on the family room TV. Then I have the digital coax out into the c4 amp. Do I then also plug a 3.5 stereo cord from thw ea3 to the c4 amp? And if so what about the 3rd stream? Or can all 3 streams go through 1 digital coax cord? For some reason I just don't get it lol. Any help would be very much appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance


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So then my assumption is right? To get all 3 streams, you must have all 3 plugged into the multi zone amp. But the c4 amp does not have a spot to plug in an hdmi as an input. So then how do you get the 3rd stream if it is Already plugged into a avr ? Can I use my avr as a source as it also has heos Built-in and maybe use zone 2 or zone 3 has a preamp to the C4 amp? Or just deal with only having 2 streams at the moment until I buy a heos link or even better a heos super link (5 streams )

Sorry if I sound like a newbie or worse... a home owner trying to cut out the installer and do it themselves... I hate those lol.

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