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Chowmain - Fujtisu General AnywAiR Driver


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Chowmain releases Fujitsu General anywAir driver for Control4. Manufactured by Fujitsu General Australia the anywAiR technology ducted controller provides Wi-Fi control for Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems via a wall mounted touch pad. Remote access is available using the anywAiR app, giving control of your ducted system anytime, anywhere with selected smartphone and tablet devices.

This driver will communicate to the anywAiR ducted system providing two way control/feedback allowing Control4 to interact with anywAiR enabled Fujitsu ducted HVAC systems. Control4 driver functionality includes:

Driver Features

  • Two way IP control
  • Room temperature feedback (if sensor installed or from Control4 Z2IO)
  • HVAC mode, Setpoint and Fan control
  • Fresh Air control
  • Timer functionality (Turn on/off AC after x minutes – upto 12 hours).
  • Built in Scheduling
  • Built in Presets
  • Control of each zone attached
    • Set as Main Zone
    • Zone can be turned on/off
    • Zone temperature feedback (if sensor available in zone. Note if no sensors are installed Control4 will not receive temperature feedback)
    • Zones can have airflow control (for those without temperature sensors)
    • Zones can have setpoint control (for those with temperature sensors)


What models does this support?

Please visit the anywAIR website for compatible units. https://www.fujitsugeneral.com.au/anywair/ducted

Where do I buy an anywAIR from?

You can find out more information about anywAIR from the Fujitsu General Australia website


Do i need the Fujitsu touch pad?

Yes our driver communicates to the anywAIR system via the touchpad. It is important that it is installed somewhere in the home.

Does this driver support zones?

  • This driver will support zone dampers plus temperatures for those zones.
  • The driver automatically imports in all zones and will allow you to either control the setpoint or control the airflow percentage. One zone should be set as Main Zone so that the HVAC system has a reference point.

Why doesn't Control4 display a room temperature or displays 49 degrees?

You need to set a zone with temperature sensor as Main Zone. By doing so this becomes the reference point used by the HVAC system.

Can i schedule the HVAC system using this?

Yes our driver has built in presets and scheduling. The driver can also utilise the built in timer to turn on and off anywAiR.

Does this work with AnywAiR split systems?

This driver will not work with anywAiR split systems. It is only compatible with anywAiR ducted systems with the wall mounted touch pad.

I want to try this driver out before buying it?

All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link


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