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AVPro AxionX (Custom Build)


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I have an AVPro AxionX Modular HDBT/HDMI/Audio Matrix.  The Axion platform is AVPro's flagship matrix platform.  AVPro is considered the undeniable gold standard in video distribution.  
The box is less than 6 months in service and will be swapped out for MXNet because the client has exceeded the number of endpoints that the 16x16 Axion can do without stacking.  Currently it has 16 HDMI inputs, 14 of which are Downmixing and 8 HDBT Scaling Outputs and 8 HDMI Outputs.  The unit is the most current iteration of the AxionX. 
The unit can also serve as a totally independent audio matrix (16x16), depending upon customization.  I am willing to configure the matrix precisely to your specifications (albeit it will exceed the number of outputs most homes require - also GREAT for a sports bar etc.  I am asking dealer cost and will entertain dealer inquiries as the equipment is hard to come by these days.  The unit will carry a full no hassle 10 year warranty (if you know AVPro, they will likely support for life, but only replace 1st 10 years.  I will add the driver and configure for the buyer if necessary.  
Message me with your exact requirements and I can price accordingly.  
Min. Number of Video Inputs and do they need to be downmixing?
Min. Number and type of video outputs (HDBT/HDMI)?
Do you need fiber hdmi (up to 40m will do 48gbps)?
Do you need balun receivers for the HDBT?
Will you need audio matrixing and if so, how many independent streams (16 outputs is automatic)?
Please do not inquire if you aren't serious about a video distribution solution. 

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