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Changing tv’s from cable to streaming

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Hi everyone! I’m looking to change all my TV’s to streaming from cable. I currently have 5 cable boxes that run the out hdmi cable into my leaf 2020 matrix and control 4 system in a mechanical room. Then outputs thru the cat 5 cables to a powered leaf converter in each tv room  to switch back to hdmi cable to the tv.  I still would like to control and use the audio from the tv to the ceiling speakers (which currently goes thru the control 4/leaf system) in each tv room instead of using the tv speaker audio. I’m sure someone has done this before? Seems like I need to get the audio output from each individual Samsung TV’s (8) back into the input hdmi or rca side of the leaf system. Where the cable box cables are now. Any guidance would be appreciated as this is above my pay grade?😀

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Replace each cable box with a Roku or AppleTV or similar streaming box. =no changes to audio routing.

If you want to give up the Leaf, then you'll need audio over cat to bring the audio from each TV back to the rack.

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Thanks RAV I’ll purchase an Apple TV box and give it a go and get back on the results!

Well RAV your the man or women. I installed the Apple TV box and works great on all the TV’s with audio going thru the control 4. Will purchase at least one more to enable different streaming shows in different rooms. So easy and only $129 a box. Very much appreciate your knowledge and help!

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