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How to create a dimmer/switch/keypad press and hold.


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Here's a little "press and hold" upgrade to include visual feedback that I've found useful. Follow the instructions in ILoveC4's post to create your "press and hold".

Right after the time delay, add a line to change the color of the LED... say red.

Example scenario:

I have a 6-button in my bedroom that with a normal press, turns all the room lights off. But if I "press and hold" for 2 seconds, it turns all of the house lights off. By adding the above line, the LED flashes red when 2 seconds have passed, giving me visual feedback that the time has passed, the next layer of programming will happen and I can let go of the button. When I release the button, the LED returns to whatever color the LED was (assuming the LED color is "keypad managed").

I've applied the same visual feedback to all buttons that have "press and hold" function. Now, I can just say, "Press and hold that button until it flashes red". If it never flashes red, you know nothing is going to happen.

Just a small tweak, but one that I think improves the user experience.

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Is there any way for me (or my dealer) to set up a press and hold event so that a light goes through a dimming cycle until I release the button? eg press and hold, lights slowly fade up to 100%, then down to 0 and back up until I release?

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OK, would you be happy to give us any hints? :) I'll be able to get in touch with my dealer to help me next week, he's happy to sort this out, but I enjoy playing with this sort of stuff and it'll save him some hassle (having just installed the system he wouldn't be likely to charge me). I had a quick look through the help stuff, but couldn't find anything.

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