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Chowmain - Marvin Connected Home driver (FREE)

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Chowmain releases FREE manufacturer sponsored Marvin Connected Home driver for Control4. With the Control4 Marvin Connected Home integration, homeowners can create the perfect setting for waking up, winding down and everything in between with voice-activated and programmable Marvin Connected Home smart windows and skylights with integrated venting, shades and lighting.

This groundbreaking smart home solution is designed to transform the way architects and builders approach home design, providing unparalleled ease, increased productivity and a personalized in-home experience for homeowners.

Driver Features

  • Manufacturer sponsored FREE driver
  • Bi-directional cloud based communications / feedback.
  • Ability to automatically import - Sash (Blind proxy), Integrated Skylight Shade (Blind proxy), Integrated Skylight LED (Light proxy), Group Sash (Blind proxy), Group Shade (Blind proxy), Group LED (Light proxy)
  • Sash / Group Sash - Set Position
  • Shade / Group Shade- Set Position
  • LED / Group LED - On, Off, Set Level, Set Color Temperature


How much does this driver cost?

This driver is manufacturer sponsored and is provided free of charge.

Why use Marvin?

  • Integrated motors deliver ultra-quiet sound performance
  • Create scenes, set schedules, and deliver fresh air into the home with home automation systems, voice assistants, Marvin Home App, wall switches, or on-unit controls
  • Choose your preferred methods of connectivity and control from five options including Control4, Crestron Home, and Amazon Alexa

What Marvin products is this driver compatible with?

  • Mavin windows - casement/awnings purchased automated features
  • Marvin Awaken Skylight purchased with automated features – lights, sash, or shade.

How can the Marvin windows be controlled?

  • Windows can open and close by percentage via Control4 driver either via touch screen or Control4 App
  • Windows can also be opened and closed using unit switches and dry contacts.
  • Marvin Home App on Android and Iphone

How can Marvin Awaken skylights be controlled:

  • Via the Conrol4 driver via touch screen or app.
  • BLE Wall Switches included with the product.
  • Marvin Home App on Android and Iphone

What wired or wireless connections are required to use the driver?

  • Currently requires wireless internet (2.4 Ghz) to connect to the cloud.

What are the power requirements?

  • Marvin Windows – Low voltage 24Vdc – 1amp
  • Marvin Awaken Skylight – 110V AC which is converted to 24Vdc entering the skylight.

How are the product configured and connected to the cloud?

  • The Marvin Home App available on Iphone and Android is used for wifi configuration and product provisioning into the Marvin Connected Home cloud.

Can I orchestrate the operation of Marvin windows with automated shade?

  • As an integrator, you can orchestrate with Control4 the opening and closing of windows with 3rd Party automated shades.

Does Marvin provide integrated shades for the casement and awning windows?

  • The Marvin Awaken skylight does have integrated shades. The windows do not at this point.

Are there any considerations?

  • This driver requires internet connectivity for control (cloud controlled)
  • Real State may take upto 10 minutes to feedback. The Marvin API though will update changes that have been made through their API immediately though.
  • Individual Device/Asset states do not effect Group states. As such it may be out of sync for upto 10 minutes.

How do i purchase Marvin windows and skylights?

Marvin Connected Home is currently available from Marvin Modern dealers in select markets. Professionals and homeowners can learn more about Marvin Connected Home by visiting a participating Marvin Modern dealer or at marvinconnectedhome.com.

Where i can i learn more about Marvin?

Please visit the Marvin Connected Home page for more information.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link



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