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How do I get the Camera to Pop UP in Large/Full View using Doorbell

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to have an image show up after the doorbell is pressed you need to go to the agents portion and make sure that you have "announcements" installed as an agent.

after that you need to go into programming and choose that after doorbell is pressed select announcement agent.

If you need more help please let me know

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I understand completly, however, here's what I'm trying to do.

I have a video camera at the front door and it is running on the C4 system. I'd like the video feed to pop up on one or all touch screens when the doorbell is pressed. If I use Announcements it gives me the option to Popup a Text/Image, I just don't know what the address/File/URL of the Video Camera is?

The camera is normally found on the touchscreen by presing House/Cameras/Then selecting the appropriate camera. I can then make it full screen if I chose.

I'd love for that fullscreen (continuously running) camera view to Popup when the doorbell is pressed.

Thanks in advance,

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So even though I can currently use the touchscreens to navigate to the camera's video feed I still can't make it a programed response to a button push?

Appriciate the quick response.

Well, you know what my recommendation is for the next software/firmware update.


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Thanks alot anyways.

I do appriciate the very fast responses here. You guys saved me a ton of time, I was trying everything I could think of for more than a couple hours before being reminded about this forum by a friend. You may have saved my marriage... :)


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