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FS: Misc Faceplates & Color Change Kits (New)


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11    C4-CKKA-LA    Decora Color Change Kit - Auxiliary Keypad Light Almond (LA)

3    C4-FP4-C-WH  Faceplate 4 Gang Contemporary White (WH)
1    C4-FP3-C-WH   Faceplate 3 Gang Contemporary White (WH)
4    C4-FP2-C-WH  Faceplate 2 Gang Contemporary White (WH)

2    C4-FP2-C-BL   Faceplate 2 Gang Contemporary Black (BL)
3    C4-FP1-C-BL   Faceplate Single Gang Contemporary Black (BL)

7    C4-FP2-LA       Faceplate 2 Gang Light Almond (LA)
3    C4-FP3-LA       Faceplate 3 Gang Light Almond (LA)
2    C4-FP4-LA        Faceplate 4 Gang Light Almond (LA)
6    C4-FP1-LA   Faceplate Single Gang Light Almond (LA)

$5 per Item plus shipping.


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