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iMon IR driver for HTPC


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iMon is a common IR control device for a lot of Windows based HTPC enclosures

Better still iMon manager allows launching of individual applications within Windows via IR.

see http://www.soundgraph.com/imon-manager-feature-en/

The benefit here is a HTPC could have say WMC, XBMC, Boxee, and itunes loaded and C4 could control which media player is launched..and then specific 2 way C4 IP drivers could take over control of the individual programs.

Am I making sense. Would this work? Can you combine IR and IP drivers like this in Composer? Or is it even necessary...would an individual IP driver (let's say AC's XBMC one) actually shut down what was loaded and load up XBMC...

Does anyone have a set of iMon IR codes as a C4 driver?


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I am looking into this as it could be the answer for some of my problems on controlling my htpc. For instance, when launching Hulu Desktop from within W7mc the commands are different to control the application than other applications. It may be a way to add Netflix as a driver and have C4 switch to the htpc and have iMon launch Netflix from within W7. I will play with it with a C4 IR driver first.

EDIT: I have been looking at it a little bit and looks like it can learn any IR I send to it. With it running in the background, my regular WMC IR driver is still fully functional in controlling the media center. I will setup up my RTI T2C with some of the C4 custom IR codes to use to send to launch Hulu Desktop to see how that works.

EDIT: I would need the iMon hardware to receive the IR signals so this is a no go for me. I am now working on trying EventGhost.

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