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For those of you with the Kwikset locks...


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Well, I've decided to put a few more of the Kwikset locks on some of the exterior doors on my house (still holding out for something without the buttons to put on the front entry door and service door), and I've noticed an inconsistancy between the lock I got a couple months ago and the new ones I just received.

The new ones have a shiny black plastic "window" on the battery cover (?), where are my original one does not! It seems as though it is there to allow the zigbee radio to communicate easier, however it isn't on the other lock I bought. These locks are bulky and unattractive already, and this shiny black window certainly doesn't help (IMO).

So, do yours have this "window" or not?

With window:


Without window:


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As the battery cover is on the *inside* of the door, it doesn't affect security all that much, since if they're on the *inside* side of the door, they can just twist the knob and unlock the door.

And no, when the batteries die, the lock does not unlock. The bolt throw is handled by a motor, and it needs power to throw it in and to pull it back out.

About the only practical way to test it is to install it on a door-shaped object, since you can't exercise the mechanicals without a door width between the two sides.


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FYI, it installs in less than 10 minutes and doesn't require you to drill any holes.

You could easily install it, try it, uninstall it and box it up in under 30 minutes. If you then wanted to take it back there wouldn't even be any evidence that it was ever installed.

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When I say doesn't require you drill any holes I'm assuming the door already has a dead bolt. If it doesn't have a dead bolt then yes, you would need to drill two holes in the door and one in the jamb. However, these are the same holes any deadbolt would require so you could easily put a different deadbolt in It's place.

RE: Security. That interior cover could be bullet proof and it wouldn't matter...it just slides right off.

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