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When does the "video selection" change?

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My system has a theater event called "Video Selection Changed". Can someone tell me exactly when that might change?

For example, does it change if I cursor around on the Control4 menu to "TV" and to "Videos"? Does it change when I select one of those? Or does it only change when I select one of the devices listed after pressing either "TV" or "Videos"? Or some other time?

It would be really great if I knew of a way to monitor in real-time such events and the value of selected system variables. (Uh, Bog?) I guess I could program the lights to flash based on that event and figure it out by trial and error, but ... :mad:

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So, if I'm in the Navigator (Control4) screen and click on "TV", that does not change the video selection, it only displays the list of "TV Devices" across the bottom of the screen? It's only when I click on one of the devices in that list at the bottom that the video selection changes?

The reason for this is I want to modify your theater lighting control concept a bit for my needs. In particular, I don't want to use the "Play" button to turn lights down because it's not a consistent action, i.e. not always used for DirecTV. Plus I use "Pause" and "Play" a fair amount when watching things so I don't want to be toggling lights because I want pause for some scene detail. I'm thinking of using the Yellow button as the "pause for a break and bring up the lights" action, and maybe only when we have guests. I think I want two modes: "Just Us" and "Guests". Something like

1. Turn on room -- all lights on

2. Select a device -- lights go all off in "Just Us", step lights remain at 10% in "Guests"

3. Press Yellow button for a break -- pause the current device, save the light level, then bring all to 100%, set a variable for "Potty Break" ;)

4. Press play to resume -- if "Potty Break", then restore the saved light level, play the current device, clear the "Potty Break" variable

I have the Blue button already programmed to set the light level for "Guests" and I use Green and Red to quickly turn lights on and off if I need to without going through the List menus. And because DirecTV sometimes uses those buttons, I try to capture whether I'm in a DirecTV menu, and if so, don't change lights with colored buttons.

Hmmm... just realized that "Room Off" probably should reset the Guest mode.

Edit: Scratch that...not really a mode and no variable for it, just use the blue button to set the step lights on. After that, their level (whether 0 or greater) gets saved and restored by the Yellow button, no need for a defined guest mode. Room Off turns all lights off.

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I use the yellow button to toggle lights:

If all lights are off

On yellow press ramp lights to 30%


If lights are at 30%

On yellow press ramp lights to 100%


If lights are on

Turn off all lights


I have the lights turn to 30% on pause also because I dont really ever pause without wanting the lights on, but in the rare case where that may happen I can hit the yellow button to turn them off.

Your situation seems a little different because you want the ability to pause without lights turning on so I think they way you did it works well. You can probably add the same functionality I have to the yellow button though in case you want to turn on the lights for a second without pausing etc. The yellow button on my remote is probably the most used button.

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Would you expect that "Power Off" also triggers the "Video Selection Changed" event? I did the programming I outlined above and it works as expected.

However, turning off the room used to bring up the lights for 30 seconds. Now it doesn't. I didn't change that event's programming so I assume it triggers the video selection which turns off the lights, negating the turning them on. Guess I have to change the "video selection changed" script to check the room variable Power_State and only turn off lights if TRUE.

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I dont have Composer in front of me but I think under conditionals there should be something for if ANY video device is selected, or alternatively if no video device is selected, and you can program based on that rather than if video selection is changed. That should eliminate your room off problem.

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there should be something for if ANY video device is selected, or alternatively if no video device is selected

Do you know what happens to that CURRENTLY_SELECTED_DEVICE variable when I press "Room Off" on the remote? Does it set to NULL? Just looked and NULL is not a choice that can be tested. If it actually gets set to NULL, then my only choice would be test that it's NOT any of the other real devices --- messy, messy script, requiring update everytime a device is added/removed.

On the Theater Events, my choices are only "Power Off", "Audio Selection Changed", "Video Selection Changed", "Commands", and "Custom IR Code".

For the room variables, these seem pertinent: CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE, CURRENT_MEDIA, POWER_STATE, and the infuriatingly unexplained "IS_LINKED" group, such as ROOMOFF_IS_LINKED. What the heck does that actually mean?

Oh, to be able to use Composer to read the current value of some variable. :mad:

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This seems to work

When the video selection changes

If Theater->POWER_STATE is True

If Theater->CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE NOT EQUAL TO Theater->Home Controller HC300

Set Theater->Rope Light->LIGHT_LEVEL to the value of Variables->Theater Rope Level

Ramp to Level 0 on the Theater->Sconces Light over 2 seconds

Checking for power on is not intuitive, but was necessary because Room Off caused a change in the selected device and turned off lights instead of letting them come up to leave the room. Now when I turn off the room, this script does not execute and the lights come up as normal. Plus, pressing the "Control4" on the remote does not bring up the lights when switching to the Control4 menu display.

Theater Rope Level variable is set to 0 on Room Off. So normally this script will turn them off but my Blue button will set them to 30 so they will be on for guests if necessary and that's the level they are restored to here and after a pause. I need to improve that so that the Blue button toggles them between 0 and 30.

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