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Dimmer trim color


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Can I change the color trim of a 101 dimmer?. They are black and I want to change them to white

What do I need?.


I don't think the color change kits fit the 101 dimmers and switches. They do fit the 102 and 103.

Edit: I went back and looked at the Books Open announcement for the color change kits. Here is the relevant text. At the time of this announcement the 103 (ZigBee Pro) dimmers and switches did not exist)

Button kits are compatible with LDZ-102 Wireless Dimmer and LSZ-102 Wireless Switch

models in the field. They are not compatible with previous LDZ-101 Wireless Dimmer

and LSZ-101 Wireless Switch models.

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I walked away to get more coffee and it dawned on me that you could swap your black buttons and trim ring for the same parts from a different 101 dimmer. You would need to find someone who had white and wanted black or find a dead white dimmer.

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