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  1. Thanks for your help, I was replacing some dimmers that I thought were broken, but the ones removed were doing the same thing. Time to check the old ones. Thanks again!! And yes, things has changed a lot in this place !!
  2. I just added 2 used dimmers to my system. When wired they work properly, but when added and identified on the system they no longer respond to pressing, but can be controlled thru the app. What could be wrong? the dimmers are c4-dim1
  3. I need 8 new white rocker plates for some latest gen dimmer and switches shipped to Orlando. Please message me if you can help. Thanks!
  4. I have a Comfortlink 950 controlling it thru the nexia app. I found this: https://controlconcepts.net/manufacturers-modules-and-drivers/trane/ Is this a new driver for the users of the Comfortlink thermostat? Read the one from Houselogix died, and there's an option from Bnet. Has anybody used the Control Concepts one(seems to be free), or the Bnet one. What is your opinion?? Thanks!
  5. Hi, yes it can be done. I did motorized some roller shades. In my case just needed to replace the clutch/chain mechanism with the motor. I used Somfy rts motors and a Somfy myLink. Everything else stayed the same.
  6. Definitely there were some changes done, probably by c4. Maybe somebody know and cares to explain them. It used to show all my stations, and like you, a few months ago my list also got “chopped” on the C4 app.
  7. So it’s not me or my system. FYI my system is running 2.10 on a hc-800
  8. Si far so good with the system. After further research found the switch. thanks!!
  9. A couple of day ago I noted that the stations on the C4 Pandora native app now shows in my case up to the letter m, after that gone. The ones after the M I can be seen in the pandora app but not on the c4 one. Any suggested solution? thansk
  10. Got the system running but need a switch (not a dimmer) that requires no neutral for a pool light. Does such thing exist? Any other alternative?
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