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  1. Great have tried a few times the Security Light Driver, but haven’t got good results. I will be on the lookout. Please keep us posted.
  2. Does anybody have the ir driver and is willing to share ir? thanks a lot
  3. Welcome!! Glad to see C4 involved with end users!!
  4. Thanks, I keep you posted after install.
  5. My pool is going to probably be finished next week. The Intellicenter is already installed.Any info if the driver has been improved, or is it still not so useful?? Thanks!!
  6. Reviving the issue. With the new changes in the intercom, do we have any chance of getting a more complete driver for the ring video dorbell? Or are the hope of some video integration gone?
  7. I got a question. Does the integration get broken with all of the Apple TV's? I thought it only applied to the 4k one. Are the 2nd gen and 3rd gen also affected??
  8. Does anyone has the driver for the 4x4 version?? thanks!
  9. I also have on of those and also I am having issues with it. Sometimes when the power goes out for a second the ups turns off. Have called cs a few times but after checking it, it stops doing it for a while and come back after some time. This is actually my 2nd one. Next time will look for something better and provably more $. Any recommendations ?
  10. What a curious thing. Last week went on vacation with my family and AGAIN lost remote control of the alarm thru C4, everything else works but the alarm. time to restar everything and see if it gets working again.
  11. Different story than the first letter. Then they updated the app so the "loyal customers" can do nothing from the app without paying for the "Plus" one. And the best part: We’ve also decided to disable, for now, the option to pay the yearly fee with an in-app purchase. We want to avoid the situation where the company accepts money for services they are unable to deliver. I think is time for another option. Do we have any other irrigation controller that is NOT cloud based??
  12. Look like Skydrop is in its last leg. Watch out!!
  13. Do we still have an admin? can we volunteer to do something about it? I am willing to help.
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