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Some different hardware questions...


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1. What POE injectors are people using for their inwall touchpanels? Any that work especially well? Any to stay away from?

2. What's a good reasonably-priced hdmi matrix switch? I'm looking at a Gefen 4x4 HDMI now - seems good, but one of my components is 3D ready - do I need to look for something with HDMI 1.4a compability? Atlona seems to make a 4x4 with 1.3 and 3D support. As a side-question, is it better to buy matrix switch with Cat5/6 outputs or one with HDMI outputs and use TX/RX devices afterwards? Is there a manufacturer that makes one with Cat5/6 AND one or two local hdmi out ports as well? (really ideal!) Again, Atlona has one, but it is an 8x8 switch, and I'm sure is funny money.

3. On the above topic, if going with a pure hdmi-in, hdmi-out matrix switch, can someone recommend a hdmi extender that will run a length of ~100' over single cat6 and support 1.3/1.4, EDID and digital audio?

4. Since I know the topic of a controller with an HDMI port is a hot topic (since the HC300C was announced with no HDMI port!!! ARGH!)

Is anyone converting the component-out from their controller to HDMI using any kind of conversion device? I wanted to use the same HDMI matrix switch from above to route the controller display output.

If yes, what device are you using, and how is it working out for you? Have you tried any others that didn't work out well?



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