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2.0.x Upgrade Question


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I have a few questions about 2.0.x upgrade. First, my dealer is a city away as I started with him when C4 first came out and I moved last year. I still use him do the majority of my programming, etc. as he is a great guy. Second, on previous upgrades my dealer had to use a USB stick to pull the upgrade. For some reason, I understand that there were some problems with the controllers going out through either Netgear routers or Road Runner internet service to get the upgrade. So, it was always easier just to use the USB stick.

Now, we are about to start an upgrade to 2.0.x and my dealer is teling me that there is no USB sticks for 2.0 and higher. Before we go head first into all of this (given the Zigbee upgrade too), I wanted to toss out a few questions for the people here since the knowledge base is pretty large.

1. I have a new HC300 with 2.0.1 loaded. Will the upgrade simply pull from that controller or do I need an outside internet connection?

2. Does anyone know if C4 fixed the upgrade issues about going out Netgear routers/Road Runner internet?

3. Is there some otherh work around so we can get this upgrade done with the internet setup that I currently have?

4. Do I need to change routers to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

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I have no idea about issues with RoadRunner internet and Netgear Routers, but you will need an internet connection.

They don't have 2.0 USB restore sticks because 2.0 is an upgrade that must be paid for and licensed, and if you could USB restore that would be a workaround to paying for the upgrade.

Good luck with your upgrade...let us know how it goes.

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This might sound really lame but ask your neighbor if you can borrow his internet for a few hours and have your installer make a long cat5 wire from his router to your switch. Of course this will only work if he also is not using the same ISP. Or see if they have a USB 3G Air Card for the download. Just trying to think outside the box.

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