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AT&T Uverse RF and C4


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Has anyone had any experience with Uverse and the RF control. I am a couple of months away from an install and was going to settle with cable secondary to the different type of IR code of Uverse.

I am curious if Uverse RF has any snags?

Being RF there would be no way to control it with your C4 system.

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The RF adapter plugs into the USB port of the Uverse box. Theoretically it would be possible to have a USB to RS232 cable that accepts serial commands thus emulating the RF commands. You would need a motivated dealer to write such a driver.

Of course. Theoretically if you could modify the software on the Uverse box to work with the mythical USB to serial converter or design and build the USB/RF to serial emulation interface then you could theoretically write a C4 driver to control it. In theory this would work. IR would be a bit easier.

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