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  1. This is definitely a mfg issue and should be covered out of warranty. C4 are you listening?
  2. Mine were 2 months out of warranty....both with touch screen issues yet barely used.
  3. The ban is a little ridiculous imo. This world is full of things that should be bannned and Wap isn’t one of them. He didn’t curse or taunt, he just had an opposing viewpoint. What rule did he break? I see no evidence of aggressive or abusive behavior that wasn’t reciprocated by those engaging him. Is it that hard to just not engage someone that annoys you?
  4. Anytime I try and airplay a song from my iPhone to my ceiling speakers via share bridge default volume is MUTE. I then have to find a remote and unmute the volume to hear it. I am using a C4 audio matrix and AMP. Any idea what settings I might need to change?
  5. And how would I know that without being a dealer? Communication is important even with the lack of vulnerability.
  6. Wap makes a great point here. No matter his tactics, what he mentions is very important. C4 hasn’t in the past communicated with the end user in regards to potential security issues and patches. A simple notification service done directly C4 to consumer is needed. Any questions or project specific questions would be handled by the dealer, but apparently the Odealer and OP wasn’t aware of the pushed firmware updates.
  7. Likely HomeKit related...C4 likely to add that soon imo
  8. Yet another instance of this bug. No power outages and I’m running a EA5. Wired that it happens sporadically and months apart.
  9. The sr260 eats batteries compared to the sr250. Any fixes for that?
  10. I have the Dune Max that works flawlessly if you are interested:
  11. I have 2x rackmount Sony DVP-CX777ES 400 disc DVD Player that I am selling. I am asking $249 per unit. I will include the rackmount free of charge for anyone buying from the community.
  12. I have a 400 Disc Sony BluRay changer that is currently rack-mounted that I will be selling. These have become fairly sought after as they are no longer produced. I have it listed on ebay but am willing to sell to the community for $100 less than asking on eBay. I will include the rack shelf and faceplate. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183639314548
  13. I have an Acronova 100 disc NB11-BR Blu-ray disc ripper for sale. I originally purchased the unit for $950 and used it once to rip my 300 disc BluRay collection. The item still has the original box. asking $450 plus actual shipping
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