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  1. It happened to 2 TS that I don’t use often, so I’m not quite sure.
  2. Thanks....totally missed that
  3. Look Looks like the email addy is rejecting incoming msg
  4. Is this something that could be added being I own your Apple HomeKit device. I bought a bunch of the dash buttons in anticipation.
  5. I’ve been dying to get my hands on this ....anyway to sell me your version?
  6. This isn't properly showing up in my project even after selecting a remote. What's the proper setup procedure as there is no included documentation.
  7. Seems like it would be fairly simple for Control4 to implement.
  8. I just want to be able to program when I start my media player to map the channels button to right and left navigator button. It doesn’t matter what app I’m in as the no other apps use the channel up-and-down button
  9. I hope C4 will work on making this available soon, as I know many others are leaving the traditional cable TV for online streaming television. This can be a frustrating process with the way the remote is currently mapped
  10. I am using a NVIDIA shield with the DirectTv now app. Editing the TV driver won’t help unfortunately.
  11. I've recently cut the cord and am using the DirecTV Now App for TV and friends and family struggle to flip channels using the C4 SR260 remote as the typical channel up and down don't perform as expected. Is there a way to reassign the channel up and down buttons to "nav left" and "nav right"?
  12. Maybe we should approach C4 as loyal customers. A little concession on their part would go a long way for their most vocal customers.
  13. This is definitely a mfg issue and should be covered out of warranty. C4 are you listening?
  14. Mine were 2 months out of warranty....both with touch screen issues yet barely used.
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