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  1. It never worked properly in an environment with >5 touch screens
  2. Did it die an early death or did control4 release a faulty product that never worked properly?
  3. When I installed my door station I was told a future update would iron out the bugs and allow it to work properly. I am still waiting a door-station that works reliably...the next OS was my hope after years of slow progress without true resolution. I’d challenge anyone demonstrate a v1 doorstation working reliably with at least 6 touch screens in the same environment (I have 12). I have no issue needing to upgrade....however C4 abondoned the V1 doorstation before it was working reliably. Likely because it was a faulty product to begin with. They just wore down the warranty clock and hoped users would forget.
  4. Looks like you just need to upgrade your hardware. Swap all the lights for the new generation and everything should work properly
  5. I would’ve been much more forgiving at the original product actually worked as advertised and they had integrated it properly to begin with. I have been waiting for the day and software update that made this work as promised by my original dealer. I’m now being told that will never happen. I would be willing to upgrade to a new more modern technology had it been just a pop in and pop out solution. It sounds like Control4 is not considering their customers in their new product design. How hard is it to consider product dimensions when creating a replacement product? Truthfully I will not be going with a Control4 product going forward and be searching for a third-party from now on. I will let Control4 be the backbone of the system until something else more promising comes along. I will be willing to stay with Control4 for only the backbone of the system only.
  6. Mine has nothing to do with upgrading controllers. I am more than willing to upgrade a controller in order to upgrade a system. It’s the ripping out of fixed items like a door station that require specialized masonry work. The door station had a single job to relay audio within my system. Why can I not continue to do so and upgrade into the future. I have no problem paying prices to upgrade controllers in order to get the latest software. It’s the inability to take a long fixed items like a door station. We are not comparing the same.
  7. Your sink is technology....your toilet is technology....your bed is technology. Etc etc ...some just more advanced than others.
  8. Exactly the point I was trying to make....well said
  9. Seriously arrogant. Good luck keeping customers with that approach.
  10. It has C4 name on it ...even worse if they offered no input to suit their current customers. Shows they are just taking off the shelf products and rebranding them their own.
  11. Funny...the only people shoving this down end users throats are those that are selling their products.
  12. Exactly my thoughts as well. However from the looks of it Control4 bids these types of projects out to the lowest bidder in China. As you can see they are suffering the 25% import tax from all the cheap products they have subbed out. I doubt they do much if any of the design internally.I doubt they do much if any of the design internally.
  13. But they already have it working on the SIP protocol. I can add a tablet, Grandstream phone or other 3rd party sip devices to the C4 intercom agent. Why not one of C4 own devices that is SIP compatible?
  14. If you think an iPhone is comparable to an automation system you need to reconsider working as a dealer with Pro access.
  15. It’s this type of attitude that is killing the control4 consumer. Take any other product or industry and insert yourself into the customer’s shoes. A fixed doorstation isn’t anything like a video game system. The DS is part of an automation system that constantly needs updated to maintain security and integration with new devices. I see that dealers don’t receive customer service training nor are focused on customer satisfaction.
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