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  1. Double the ram from 1GB to 2GB and flash memory from 4GB to 8 GB and double the price from $300 to $600.....that’s taking apple’s tactics to a new level.
  2. I’ve really love this option to keep these screens in operation up until this point. Looks like I’ll wait to upgrade
  3. No remote backlighting is a huge mistake. I don’t think there has ever been a C4 remote without backlighting and I’m sure C4 wouldn’t design one without it. However C4 made the decision to sell the Neeo remote “as is” due to the ease to get to market with the existing design. There is a reason the original Neeo didn’t succeed and needed to be acquired and it was only partially due to their software. Many users would overlook these issues if the remote was sold at its original Kickstarter price, however the current price assumes a flawless execution on design.
  4. Isn’t their another 3rd party driver that allows this type of functionality?
  5. Where does one find these experience buttons? Is there an icon library?
  6. I’m having this exact same issue with Netflix and the neeo with a shield mini app.
  7. Does this mean it now takes longer for the Irusb to connect after a reboot?
  8. This has happened 6-7 times to me over the years a a multitude of version numbers. I have no idea why it happens
  9. I don't think they are the same and your post did not make it sound like you wanted color change kits as those words aren't even in the post Sorry...I may be interested in the switches and dimmers if you have any. I’ll just swap the colors and resell them.
  10. I just need the pop off color change kits in white ...both switch and dimmer type (I believe they are the same )
  11. Anyone want to sell me their old white switches. Essentially I need to change 70 switches from Almond to white
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