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Hello guys,

I am currently running an HC-300 and it is pretty taxed. I have a new HC-1000 and anoth HC-300 that I am going to be installing. I am just looking for some guidance on the best way to install this stuff and distribute the load properly. Any suggestions?



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Sure would be nice to have access to this information. You know, some of us end-users are suffering from our own dealers struggling to do controller and/or software upgrades. If anything, we users are sounding-boards.

But that's OK, you go right on teasing us...

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Finished on Sunday went super smooth. Here is a breakdown:

1. Backed up exising 300

2. Cleared 300

3. Loaded project on 1000

4. Added/Identified 1000 to project

5. Changed controller registration on my.control4.com

6. Updated to 2.0.4 (That is what the project was on)

7. Made the 1000 the zigbee server and left the 300 as the coordinator

Did not have to readd any Zigbee devices they all moved over just fine.

Thanks to everyone that provided info



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Thats it! Pretty easy when you slow down step by step and do your own system.

When (and more that likely that you will have at least one) you have zigbee issues its better to delete the address and re-identify if anyone has zigbee problems... Sometimes even delete device and reload the driver. There is a lot of hand-shaking going on.

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