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"All AV Off"


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Hey Guys,

I just got composerHE - and right now only have audio/video set up on my system with lights to come in spring. I have 5 TV;s located in 5 seperate rooms.

Central system in closet with

2 cable boxes

2 media players


C4 audio matrix

6X4 video matrix


HC-200 connected to one TV ( connected to reciever, and surround sound speakers)

I saw on the dealer demo of IPAD there is a "tab" with a shortcut to "all AV OFF", a simple one button press.

I was wondering if I can program this in composer ME?

Almost like a "goodnight" feature?

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ComposerHE is a licensed product that requires a key to activate.

Apologies for this thread hijack, but is that why my ComposerHE 1.8.0 now gives me a vague "encountered a problem and needs to close"?

I run it in a virtual machine on my Mac, previously installed under Parallels Desktop but I migrated that VM to VirtualBox using VMware Converter (don't ask). Everything else appears to work fine, including ComposerHE 1.8.2 -- I don't remember if I actually ever tried using 1.8.0 after the migration until just this week. I tried the "Repair" and also the "Remove" + "Install" and neither made any difference. Some stray component not removed by "Remove"? Possibly something different about the new VM that makes the licensed copy invalid on it? The install did not ask me for the license key -- I don't recall if it did originally when I first installed it on the Parallels VM. Since it won't start I don't know what else to do.

Still works fine in the Parallels VM, but that's an employer-owned copy of Parallels on a work computer which I'm happily giving up at end of January to spend the rest of my years living rather than working. I wanted to get away from that dog, Parallels, for my occasional Windows needs.

My system is still at 1.8.0 for now, so I don't really want to try running 1.8.2 against it.

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