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IR can't get to TV


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A friend has a Samsung TV. The IR line-of-sight on this TV is being blocked by the top of a center speaker. Is there any way to "move" the IR using a repeater bug alone or is there a need to get some powered device?

I know how out-of-sight devices can be accommodated using a wireless IR repeater or IR-RF-IR solution but this is all in the same room and I am looking for a simpler solution.

His current options are:

- Move the center speaker

- Get a wireless/IR-RF solution from RadioShack

Any other ideas? He would prefer to simply have the IR transmitted from a couple of feet away to the TV.

No Control4 here. Just a regular system. I checked his receiver and there is no IR out. There is HDMI Control but the TV is 3-4 years old and doesn't have CEC so I don't think it will work.

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