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  1. So I moved the bridge down to the rack and it seems to be too far away. @msgreenf thanks. The basement is a work in progress at this point.
  2. I was able to use the Bond Bridge to control the Allen Roth shades I purchased from Lowes. I'm not sure if this is old news but it's definitely news to me. I ordered one in the morning and it works great. The alexa integration is choppy it looks like but it may be better using C4. Now I need to grab that Chowmain driver for the Bond bridge.
  3. Have you looked in to powering these tablets using PoE? Using existing CAT6 cabling, it would be cleaner to power these over ethernet. Also would prefer to wall mount in a couple of locations, so would like to find a good flush mounting system. Also, assuming this are strictly for C4 use, would 16GB be enough?
  4. Yes. They do. There is a driver by Chowmain.
  5. I have several Kasa Smart switches and dimmers for sale. Let me know if interested. 12 dimmers (11 new in box) - $20 each 7 3-way smart switch kit (2-pack, all previously installed) - $30 each 7 light switch (3-pack, 5 new in box) - $45 each I can discount the open/installed switches. They were installed for less than a month. If you want all or several of them, I’m happy to pay for shipping. Give me your best offer for a few or for the entire lot. Thanks, AJ
  6. On my phone it's direct play but on my TV it is transcoding. I'm going to look in to settings so I can avoid the transcoding. It's slow as hell and CPU is almost at 100%. Without subtitles its direct play. On my phone, this movie direct plays but on my TV it is transcoding. It may be because of the PGS type subtitles.
  7. Do you have Plex running on the Synology NAS?
  8. Hmm! I’m pretty sure I have checked the settings. But thanks for the tip. I will check again once I have it up and running in about a week or so.
  9. I know not addressed to me but I got a driver from James at DiamondHeadDesign. @diamonddesign I believe.
  10. I use MakeMKV to rip to MKV. Plex is easy. I'm sick of spending too much time on these things. I would rather spend time on other things with my family or on my motorcycle.
  11. I don't need transcoding. I was streaming to TVs directly that are ethernet-wired. Will look in to a Shield.
  12. Yeah. I think the issue is that Plex server is running on the Synology NAS. I was in between homes for the last 6 months. Gonna have to redo this part. I should probably run Plex on a different server - maybe an Apple TV or Mac Mini/PC or such.
  13. I have a DS411+. It doesn’t have enough power to process subtitles in real time when streaming with Plex. I don’t have local subtitle files and the playback is severely affected when streaming with subtitles on.
  14. I’ve been using Synology NAS, Dune HD Player and Plex (also MyMovies but getting C4 interface on every TV is not important to me anymore). It works really well except for subtitles. I need to get a new NAS as the existing one is too old and does not have enough processing power.
  15. @alanchow or anyone else... Can’t I simply add C4 keypads to the secondary locations in a 3-way or 4-way setup that trigger a Kasa Smart dimmer in the primary location? (Obviously I would have to change the circuit and essentially make the 3/4-way setup a regular 2-way setup AND provide power to the keypads) Thanks again!
  16. Nah! I already have a bunch of old C4 switches I pulled when I moved. Will use those with some new Kasa switches. I’m not spending $$$$ on all new C4 switches at this time. Just moved in 40 days ago.
  17. Oh ok. Would be great if he could shed some light on this. Thanks,@pounce.
  18. That does it. Gonna have to return not-so-smart Kasa switches. At least the 3-way ones.
  19. I guess 4-way. Kasa 3-way switch says 2 locations. I won’t be able to use it in 4-way situations? Do Control4 switches work in 4-way installs?
  20. Wow. No responses. I also need to know if Kasa 3-way switches work in situations with standard 3-way switches installed in more than 2 locations.
  21. Thanks but I saw that already. If the power to the button is 24v or under it looks like I can simply connect it so the bell relay contact will behave like the push button.
  22. I have a Nutone Chime Bell and just installed the DoorBird D101 today using PoE. The DoorBird has a connector for ‘bell’ and I can’t find any information on how to connect it to the chime bell so the Nutone bell also works when someone rings the doorbell. Do I simply have to connect the wires from the old push button door bell button (red and white) to the ‘bell’ connector? I would think the bell connector slot is simply completing the circuit, just as the push button doorbell button did. Any more information would be helpful and is appreciated. Thanks!
  23. It looks like Kasa Smart switches do not support dimming in 3-way configurations. How are you dimming your 3-way lights?
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