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I added an Auvio (Radio Shack) HD radio tuner to my C4 system. I could not find a C4 driver for this device, so I created a custom driver by caputring codes in C4 from the Auvio remote. This works and provides basic functionality. Works fine for turning it on/off, changing chanels, preset up/down. I would like to label the presets, which probably needs to be done in the C4 Media section. Not sure if I can do that with a basic custom driver.

The Auvio is a great dedicated HD radio tuner. I paid $99, but it is now selling for $49 at Radio Shack.



Is there a driver for the Auvio HD tuner?

Is there a way to add media channels to a basic tuner driver?

Should I try using another HD tuner driver like the Integra HD reciver and then try to reporgram the buttons for my IR codes? Not sure if that will even give me access to Media channels.


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Is there an HD radio that is supported by C4? Their AM/FM/XM unit is great, and I have one, but it does not get HD radio. I would like to add HD to a C4 system with similar driver functionality. Anyone know if the C4 receiver will support HD radio in the future or what the best supported hardware is for HD radio? There are lots of free additional radio channels on HD, it is just hard to find a suported receiver.

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Anyone know of a basic driver that has screen on-screen controls for a stand alone radio tuner? I can learn the proper codes to make it work with the Auvio. The basic tuner driver only lets me program buttons on a remote, nothing shows up on the 3.5 and 7" displays. Just looking for basic IR controls and screen display for basic controls like seek, presets, etc.

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