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Turn a switch into a 2 button keypad


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I have my friendly neighbourhood sparky installing my switches / keypads / dimmers tomorrow.

Going through my inventory, I think I may have mis-ordered some parts.

For my 3 or 4 way switches, some of which are on dimmers, I have purchased 1x dimmer and 2x switch. I'm thinking it should have been 1x dimmer and 1x or 2x 2 button keypad.

Is it possible to turn a switch into a keypad, by not wiring the load (?) wire to the switch? Or, does the switch need a load to be able to actually work? Or, am I completely out to lunch, and should be sent back to remedial electricity 101 class?

What about for normal 3 ways which are not dimmers, can I do the same thing? Wire 1x switch to connect to the load, and the other 1x or 2x switches to become simple 2 button keypads. Or, when you are not dimming, does it even matter if all 3 switches are hooked up exactly the same?



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Save yourself the trouble and get keypads for your multi-way lighting.

In regard to the 3way which are not dimmers. Install dimmers, why would you want a light that can't be dimmed unless it is a non-dimable light like a CFL.

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