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Allright folks -

Looking for a remote or in person integrator in the Vancouver Area.

I would like to bring my 1.7.4 system up to 2.0. I have all legacy equipment with one HC300.

Need someone who can sell me new/used equipment and help me upgrade it all in person or remotely.

More than willing to discuss flying them in if its competitive.

Let me know at rchawla80@gmail.com.


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Geoff (Nikon) on this forum is in Vancouver and has helped me out before, and still does. He's helped fix a couple of issues left by my first dealer.

James (diamond design) is another great person if it can be done remotely.

Geoff has helped me remotely and come out to my place


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Geoff's website is http://www.definitivesystems.ca/. I won't put his number up to prevent spam, but he's located in Vancouver and I've been nothing but happy with everything he's done for me.

James' website is http://www.diamondhomedesign.com/store/Default.aspx. He's located in the US; he can help you remotely. He also sells the Dune and Popcorn media players

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Hi Dan,

I've used Andrzej and Dave from http://www.coolabode.ca/ and have been very happy with there service. I really had a smooth install from them and whenever a minor issue arises which is rarley they are prompt to help me out.

Highly recommended. Both individuals are very technical and very good at programming which is very important with c4.


PS I love my Festool Saw that I bought from you.

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