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  1. I was hoping this was not the case. I couldn't find anything in the forums but thought I had seen it in the past. Thank you.
  2. Installed new Sony XBR-X90CH. Driver installed and setup goes normal. All mini apps work with the exception of Hulu. I can select the mini app and the TV will switch over to Hulu, but I have no control. When commands are sent, I see the LED on the TV flash as though commands are being received. I can select a different mini app and TV changes selection, and I have full control over TV again. Only Hulu app behaves this way. I have tried deleting and re-adding the mini app both in composer and on TV. Any ideas?
  3. I've made it late to the party and this driver has been archived. Any chance you can un-bury it for me?
  4. I'm running 2.0.6. I am trying to see if I can resolve without rebooting or removing batteries or anything like that. Or get to the bottom of the problem. Although I do expect some issues being that the controller is a computer and there can be some issues with processing, I don't know what would be causing the problem. Rebooting the 300 when I have issues with my remote can become a bother. It takes a long time to reboot and even longer to become stable. Plus my wife has been very hard to sell on a home automation device and if I have to tell her to reboot the 300 whenever there is a problem, I will soon come home to her holding 4 remote controls again and not even using the control4. Has anyone else experienced this problem before or is it just me? I did read some posts about a hicup every 20 days or so but I am not familiar with this.
  5. I have an hc300 with minimal equipment being controlled by an sr250. Everything works fine and always has. However, this morning I found that all commands sent from the 250 take a couple seconds to process and be passed on to equipment. Sometimes being queued up and the string of commands being sent at once. Any ideas? I haven't pulled batteries or anything because I would like to try and find what is causing the problem. I have checked battery levels and they are at 88%.
  6. No, no offense taken. I'm pretty thick skinned. The sling catcher is basically as I've figured out is the "other end" of a sling box. Basically it is receiving the signal from a sling box in the UK. Thanks again for the quick responses. You seem to be on the ball from what I have seen on the forum. I'm sure I'll be seeing your advice in the future.
  7. Wow, that was quick, and a bit terse. Thanks for replying though. I did find the cytex link and watched the movie. I didn't think that was what I wanted though. It looked to me like that was for remote access. What I actually have is a sling catcher which is "catching" the signal from a box in the UK. Is this still what I'm after? Guess I should give it another look. Thanks again
  8. I'm trying to integrate slingbox but cannot find a driver. Anyone know anything?
  9. Thanks ikey. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread. I had a couple weeks away from that job. I ended up writing program similar to what you had suggested but used current volume instead of volume change. set volume output 3 to 5 select rhapsody channel delay 40 seconds ?if volume = 5 pulse volume up delay 40 seconds ?if volume = 6 pulse volume up delay 40 seconds ?if volume = 7 pulse volume up delay 40 seconds Seems to work, just a lot of lines of programming. Think I'll try your way also just to see how it works, might be an easier way to set it up. Thanks again.
  10. I'm reasonably new to c4. I am setting up a wake up scene in which the lights ramp over 10 minutes and a rhapsody playlist will start and ramp over the same amount of time. I'm having no problems with the lights but with the audio, what is the best way to do this? I have a c4 4 channel amp. What I have going right now is just set volume on output 3 at increasingly higher numbers over the course of 10 minutes. Only problem is, if you turn off zone, change volume, etc., once the pause in my programing runs out, it obviously sets volume at what is in programing. It does this till program times out. Any suggestions?
  11. Yeah, if you've got an electrical engineering degree, why would you be installing a/v equipment?
  12. That seems simple enough. I'll give it a try if things keep "sticking". Thanks
  13. I have a playlist stored on a thumb drive which is installed on an hc-300. All files are 320 kbps. The music will pause, cut out and stop at random times and for random amounts of time. I've read several posts regarding similar issues but nothing exactly the same as mine. Most posts include connected hard drives or such. I have a thumb drive connected directly to my 300. Any ideas?
  14. My problem was fixed due to the quick and accurate replies I received. Thanks again for your help. Once I got my wires hooked up to the correct terminals, it worked perfectly.
  15. For the contact to work you need to supply power. It needs to be on 12v and SIG on the controller. This is the way I have my contact wired on my HC-300 for the garage door. You would use SIG and ground if the device you were hooking up already provided voltage when the contact was made. Thanks, that makes sense. I'll give that a shot. I want to say that I've tried that but I don't remember. I'll give it a try regardless. Another installer set it up and swears it was working when he left??!!?? I have a garage door that is controlled through my relay on the 300 and a wired security contact on the said door showing status through the contact on the 300. I simply linked the contact and relay on the 300 in the connections tab to the generic garage door driver. Does that make sense? My appointment to go back over is the friday the week after Thanksgiving. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks again henniae
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