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  1. Awesome! love these cameras, great functionality for a great price.
  2. would like copy of latest driver too please. thanks ahead
  3. its seems like a no-brainer.. except for the simple fact its big with no finishes except white and silver. wish they made it as unobtrusive as the Ring Pro. Need the bronze finish to match exterior. thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks. So which one would you go with? I wanted ability to see who is at door on tv but it seems doorbird is the only one that is SIP and ONVIF for blueiris or NVR
  5. Hey Alan I'm on the fence between Ring Pro or Skybell HD. Skybell does support IFTTT. excuse my ignorance but any idea on features available for this through your driver? thanks ahead
  6. i gave up on Ring. I plan on adding blue iris for several cameras and wanted to know what is "RING-Like" that blue iris can interrogate so i can add my control4. thanks ahead
  7. Adam I will be grabbing the blur iris driver off the website soon but wanted recommendations on current door bell cameras that have been successfully control4 integrated with ability to grab motion and button presses. Thanks ahead
  8. Agreed. My doorbell is on the wall left of my front doors. Im not crazy about the LCD monitor and technically i dont need it but i dont think the camera can exist without it assuming its it power source. Only advantage is that is will be available with zigbee and Im sure an API will be available....unlike Ring... which i would prefer overall.
  9. http://www.cepro.com/article/smartest_doorbell_camera_yale_look_door_viewer_intercom_z-wave_wi-fi_zigbee CES 2016 debut states they plan on shipping a zigbee version. Available in April.
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