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  1. I got my IRUSBs in the other day, and msgreenf helped me out on getting these installed and working!! These are awesome to use, and if anyone needs someone to help get these setup and working he is your guy! Super friendly, and great pricing for the work!
  2. Great! Thx so much! I'll get them ordered and let you know when I have them setup and ready for drivers install!
  3. Hello! First off, thanks for what sounds like something awesome for control4 integration. Forgive my ignorance here, I'm just trying to understand everything before I order my 2 pieces. First, I have two shields, 1 pro and 1 not, and I have two control4 controllers. That I want to use to control those Shields. The apps I use on Shield are primarily Netflix and Plex. Which product do I need? The one the one with NetPlay or no? What about the NBX022 do I need this? What about on the Control4 end? I haven't talked to my dealer since they setup the original control4 system several years ago, is this something they will be able to do without an issue? My big thing is I just want to be able to use my Control4 controller without having to use my shield controller. I want the control4 controller to do pretty much everything, as far as navigating shield, pause, play etc etc. Thanks so much for your assistance! -Chase
  4. ok, sorry to bring back a dead thread, but was looking at different switches, just looking to add a few more to my system. On the LDZ-101-240, you cant use that for normal inside lighting unless its like an incandescent bulb right? Like for example if I wanted to use it in kitchen, which has an overhead light with an LED bulb in it, that switch would not work for that am I right? Thanks.
  5. Have you looked at using KODI/XBMC instead of Plex? There is a driver through HouseLogix that integrates it directly through Control4. I have it setup, and can access everything on my Kodi server via my SR-250 remote or any of the Control4 Apps. Can click watch a movie, and scroll through all my movies. If I want to watch one it'll turn on my computer, open up Kodi and start the movie automatically, along with everything else that is set to start up.
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