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  1. Yup, both are on 2.5.3. $150 shipped for it all obo.
  2. I'll double check but I think they factory restored to 2.5.3.
  3. Worked fine in my home system, upgraded to EAs and 3.1. Make offer for sale or trade. Could use a z2io.
  4. Has anyone used the DS2 door station to replace a RFID card reader and Keypad on a Keri Door Access system, or any other door access system for that matter. We are working on plans for our new building and had planned on using our typical Keri system to control 4 entry doors and our inventory cage. Typically we do this as a standalone door access system with separate readers and keypads but our sales department is asking if we can utilize the RFID and Keypad modules with the DS2 to communicate directly to the Keri system. I have looked through the installation and programming documentation but have only seen instances where you connect the door directly to the DS2 and security relay.
  5. Looking for a Vivitek projector driver for the above model listed. Thought I'd ask while I'm working on other things within the project before I create an IR one from the remote.
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