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  1. This worked! Finally worked after I realized driver was issuing SET commands instead of ON/OFF. Thank you
  2. I have the same setup and would like to get more lazy, i mean smarter. Using EPIC systems Alexa driver. Currently have echo dot named HOME, connected to C4 AMP. Echo dot HOME is grouped with Echo dot MASTER (located in master bedroom) via Alexa App music groups, and is called "Upstairs". I'm grouping the echo's together, because once music starts playing in this group, I can control music commands without using the "... on Upstairs" anymore. Currently, when I need to play music, I say "Alexa, Turn on Upstairs Speakers", which turns on the upstairs speakers. Next command is "Alexa, play XXX on Upstairs" . Music starts playing nicely. What I would like to do is have the music start playing on my first command when I say "Alexa, Turn on Upstairs Speakers." If I could default it to a playlist or something that would be cool. Preferred music source is Spotify. Can someone explain how this might be accomplished?
  3. Do you need 4sight with the EPIC driver? I am on a trial period and my dealer has installed the basic control4 driver. But am wondering when my trial period ends I don't want to be dishing out $100 every year just for Alexa integration.
  4. Shout out to Vince. Just helped me with some minor work but now that I know someone knowledgeable can help me I will be asking more of him in the future!
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