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  1. I was on V16 and went ahead and updated to 19. No changes. I went ahead and started from scratch and deleted the driver and re-added. Same behavior as before. Other mini apps working just not youtube tv.
  2. Yes my programming is what you indicated. I tried a fresh reboot of everything too. No luck. I also tried plugging in other custom app commands, ie. Netflix and Kodi into the Custom App section. Strangely, none of those work when I try to use them with the custom app and colored button. However, if I chose an app for the colored yellow button, i.e Netflix or Kodi, those work fine. Choosing Youtube TV in the app drop down does not work either still. I have tried Amazon Appstore and Google Play as you indicated. No changes
  3. I went ahead and opened up ADB to try to find the specific command. What I found is in sync with in the knowledge base. QLAUNCH android-app://com.google.android.youtube.tvunplugged#Intent;component=com.google.android.youtube.tvunplugged/com.google.android.apps.youtube.tvunplugged.activity.MainActivity;end So after this, I plugged the QLAUNCH command into the Custom App property of the IRUSB driver. I then mapped that to the yellow button. Still no joy. I'm wondering if I'm missing something else. Not sure.
  4. Here is the LUA for both YouTube TV and Netflix. I noticed there is no QLAUNCH command for Youtube TV Timer Expired. ID: 109 Send RS232 command (QGETPLAY QGETPLAY OK 0 Timer Expired. ID: 109 Send RS232 command (QGETPLAY QGETPLAY OK 0 Received from Proxy: GET_VIDEO_PATH; on Binding: 5003 Unimplemented 5003 command GET_VIDEO_PATH Received from Proxy: GET_VIDEO_PATH; on Binding: 5001 UndefinedFunction: GET_VIDEO_PATH Received from Proxy: GET_AUDIO_PATH; on Binding: 5003 Unimplemented 5003 command GET_AUDIO_PATH Received from Proxy: GET_AUDIO_PATH; on B
  5. We are using the universal TouTube TV minidriver. We have also tried the old one that came with the IrUSB device files on their website. When activating, nothing happens. Not even YouTube launches. Disney+, Netflix, Kodi and HBO Max working as expected.
  6. Anyone having problems launching YouTube TV with the mini driver using video storm irusb on a fire stick ? Other mini apps are working as expected but just not this one. Have bindings correct and nothing launches. Have also tried the custom button from properties menu on the videostorm driver too. Nothing
  7. Is there a way to determine which devices power on first or add a delay? I think I have some handshake issues. It is not repeatable and doesnt happen that often. Usually it occurs if I am trying to Watch a different input from the one that I last turned the tv off on from my observations.
  8. So I did a reset of the apple TV and driver is working now and is great! Thank you!
  9. No I don't see other remotes? Do I need to unpair the apple remote? I might do a reset of the apple tv and try that.
  10. Strange. I can't get this to work. I see the IR bug flashing and the ATV led is flashing as well as if it is receiving a command but there is nothing happening on the ATV itself.
  11. Do you need to do anything on the apple tv 4k itself? Turn on any sensors or anything?
  12. This worked! Finally worked after I realized driver was issuing SET commands instead of ON/OFF. Thank you
  13. I have the same setup and would like to get more lazy, i mean smarter. Using EPIC systems Alexa driver. Currently have echo dot named HOME, connected to C4 AMP. Echo dot HOME is grouped with Echo dot MASTER (located in master bedroom) via Alexa App music groups, and is called "Upstairs". I'm grouping the echo's together, because once music starts playing in this group, I can control music commands without using the "... on Upstairs" anymore. Currently, when I need to play music, I say "Alexa, Turn on Upstairs Speakers", which turns on the upstairs speakers. Next comm
  14. Do you need 4sight with the EPIC driver? I am on a trial period and my dealer has installed the basic control4 driver. But am wondering when my trial period ends I don't want to be dishing out $100 every year just for Alexa integration.
  15. Shout out to Vince. Just helped me with some minor work but now that I know someone knowledgeable can help me I will be asking more of him in the future!
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