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  1. Just saw your chain of posts for the Alexa integration...how difficult is it and is worth attempting myself.

  2. Chop is correct above... in the Alexa app you can name your dots. You can any dot to do something from another dot. I named my rack for ‘house speakers’ so I say, Alexa, play Christmas music on house speakers. It then plays the music on the rack dot.
  3. One thing I found after doing this for a few days.... msgreenf had me follow instructions to create a group on Alexa for all echos. What I found was this plays whatever you’re asking Alexa to play on all your Alexa devices (as well as the speakers you turned on in your c4 system). Not on all music sources, but when I’m listening to radio, the echo device and the speakers were slightly off causing an echo (no pun intended) I figured out that no matter what echo/Alexa you’re talking to, you can say, “Alexa, play music on (insert the name of your echo connected to the controller). And bam, none of the other Alexa’s are playing at the same time as your house speakers. Loving the setup! Listening to more stuff on the speakers then ever! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If you read back on the post, that wasn't the main issue. The music is then also tied to your phone if you do it from your phone. Y By integrating alexa into it as an audio out to the C4, all the audio is then coming from the alexa--amazon/spotify/sirius, etc... If I walk out of range of my C4 system while playing music, the house loses the music. My phone battery dies more.... you get a phone call.... etc. The way he set it up, I say two things to alexa and then music is playing where i want it to. My wife is much happier.....happy wife...you know the rest. For the non tech savy, this is a great way to do it.
  5. I called my company that manages my system. They said they would have to come out and do it in person. I thought it could be done remotely but they didn't like that idea. Don't really want to spend 300$ for this feature with an in home visit... msgreenf contacted me and after a few emails back and forth got my system up and running just the way I wanted. Now I simply say, "alexa, turn on kitchen speakers" and then "alexa play jazz on amazon music everywhere" and bam...music playing thru my speakers in the kitchen and anywhere else I wanted them playing. Thanks again msgreenf!
  6. Hey Cyknight.... No update, just program my system to use the Alexa the way that we wanted it to be used. As for the second part, we currently do that on our phones without issue (well...at least me....) My wife hates doing it on her android and finds it clunky and to be fair, is a multi step process as apposed to "alexa play classical music in the kitchen". I come home and find her telling alexa to play whatever and she is listening on the small echo dot instead of the $$ nice speakers in the house. Does that make any sense? Sleep tight & have a good week! Joe
  7. I called my company that manages my system. They said they would have to come out and do it in person. I thought it could be done remotely but they didn't like that idea. Don't really want to spend 300$ for this feature with an in home visit....but man it would make my wife happy!
  8. I was looking at the app about section for that number above.... under the director it looks more familiar—
  9. is what I believe is my version... if I’m looking at the right place on the app.
  10. Thanks for the reply. It was a bit vague for me.... are you in composer? are you in HE? Did you set up your echo as a source like someone explained to me above? I used to have access to composer but I've since lost it. I have HE but I am afraid to run it as I'm not sure it's the right version and I don't want to screw it up! I appreciate the help Bill!
  11. That’s exactly what I’d like.... (I just prefer amazon music but I’m sure that’s an easy sub)! Look forward to hearing it... thx!
  12. OK...I think I get it conceptually. So I would purchase another dot (cause there isn't anything near the controller), connect it to the amp and setup as source. Would I still be able to differentiate what rooms I wanted to play it in on the verbal command to alexa or would I have to go into the app after and select them that way? Thanks for the help--this is progress
  13. Thanks for the reply! I have an HC250 controller I have an 8 zone amp.... How do I find the operating system for you? I would prefer to use the speakers already connected to the C4 and not the dots.
  14. Good Sunday Morning Everyone. It is super easy to say "alexa, play xyz" and she plays it my amazon music from her little echo speaker. In order for me to play music on the house speakers, I have to start playing my music on my phone...open the control 4 app...hit my wireless bridge, tell the iphone to stream to the bridge on bluetooth....go back to control 4 and select the rooms I want to play in...etc etc. Is there an easy way for me to tell Alexa, play lullabies from amazon in the nursery? Or "Alexa, play party music on the patio" If someone knows this trick....I'd be alive for a few more years as my wife won't kill me thanks everyone
  15. THanks for this....I have a M50C1 and think that it should be close enough to work.......
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