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  1. This is my first post in this forum and I have had my Control 4 system for six years now. I really liked the system at first but have felt stuck over the past year or two in terms of functionality. My installer has told me that I am unable to update to the newer versions of the programing. I'm looking for thoughts and opinions on the best steps to start enjoying my system again. I currently run the HC800 with 4 six button keypads and most of the house on the control 4 lighting 4,300 sq ft). We also run two TV setups with 5.1 audio and two channel speakers in 3 other rooms. In addition I run the climate with two Control 4 thermostats and the security system. I have been told that I am out of space on my current setup and would need to add equipment to handle more functionality. We recently finished our basement and have added another TV with 7.2 audio and a second zone with one TV and two channel speakers. No lighting controls in the basement. The receivers we use for the control 4 system are two Sony DA2800ES which have built in Control 4 functionality. My dealer told me that these receivers are part of my problem in updating the system (not sure if this is true). We also run a Control 4 four zone amplifier. The music is run through two separate Sonos boxes one for upstairs and one for down stairs. I would like to start to scale the system up but am having a hard time understanding what my current constraints are. Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.
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