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  1. Ask your installer to add a few (2-3) C4 outlet dimmers/switches to the project to strengthen your mesh, that's the most cheap way I could think of for now.
  2. The higher version gives you more features of this toy. I upgraded mine from 2.9 to 2.10 for the fact that I like the T3s to show off my landscape and family photos through out the house, in addition I like the intercom anywhere which introduces only at 2.10.3 or above. So, it's all depend on what you plan to use C4 for, and don't forget that C4 does end of life their products, which means when you decided to pass 2.9, they no longer support older HCs and TS.. etc.
  3. when I said "even lower" dealer margin price, I meant who you know (networking), after a dinner and a few beers with private channels buddies sometimes I can get free C4 gears too. Just so you know, there is no exact or perfect price point in regarding to any products. It's all about your networking and who you know.
  4. It's all about luck, I started C4 +10 years ago with a few of my buddies/relatives are dealers, in addition I know a few channels that C4 send their product out for testing/promote, and get a very good price from them after.
  5. If you don't have access to CP or be able to get C4 gear at dealer margin price or even lower. I would not recommend anyone owning C4. Of course, I really like the way they marketing their product through FB and others, they use other architecture building/house and add number of their switch/speakers/TVs here and there and they promote their products. Anyway, I have shares investment in entire Nasdaq and would love to see people wasting $ on these product, but IMO it's not worth it.
  6. your setup is similar to mine, don't forget to run 2 speaker wires to each of the channel in Zone 1 because ATMOS utilize 2 wires, looks like you missed the subwoofer cables. I would recommend running 4k60hz hdmi from AV rack to everyroom, instead of using 2 cat6 + adapter for display.
  7. contact gives notification, relay gives action. I couldn't think of any other *recommendation*. You can even start your car engine if you solder 2wire conductor wire to the car's start remote and connect to the relay. I tried and it worked.
  8. You need 2 pieces of metal (contact) from this bundle C4-SGB10A-2D-ZP, and wire to the back of control4 contacts (HC, contact extender.. etc), if you don't have those handy or near by, then you need the card access contact. In CP, make connection accordingly. This only gives you the status of garage open/close. To open/close garage, save you $, solder 2 conductor wires directly to the push button from the wall and connect that wire to the relay on the back of any HC or cardaccess relay.
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