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  1. Hey M - Thanks for the quick reply! I did do the 13-4-13 reset but its pretty hard to tell if it stuck. I think it did because the thermostat went from saying 'no signal' to 'not joined to network'. There is a wall switch on the opposite side of the hallway (like 3 feet away) -- see picture. I assume these wall switches are on zigbee, but again I'm learning a lot. Finally, I'm not a C4 dealer, so I don't have access to Composer. Can I 'add it to my system' via the app/website or composer HE? I sorta dread calling my dealer since its a multi-day turnaround. I was hoping it would join the network and then I could call them to add it as another 'comfort' option like my other two thermostats. Thanks again!
  2. Just got a C4-Therm and installed it. Controlling the hvac fine, but can't get it to join my existing control4 network (with two existing c4-therm thermostats). Following instructions copied below, but thermostat saying 'not joined to network'. I checked our bedroom thermostat, which was installed 2+ years ago and its on a different channel. Not sure if that matters. but thought it was worth including. I'm super new to zigbee networking, so feeling a bit lost as how to troubleshoot.
  3. Good tip. I thought the bottom bar was press-able (didn't seem to be). Didn't think to try the top bar.
  4. I actually just fixed this. The breaker wasn't tripped, but I went and turned off the breaker for that switch. Once I turned it back on everything worked as expected. Probably good as a first troubleshooting step for anyone - versus jumping to replacing the switch.
  5. Thanks for all the detail. I added amazon music and definitely like that you can actually search music inside the control4 app versus the pain that Spotify is to use outside of set playlists. I've used Tidal in the past, but never liked their browsing/playlist selection. I'll run a trial with them too so I can compare spotify/amazon/tidal. I did notice that Amazon Music HD and their Ultra HD songs sound pretty awesome and seem to play at high bitrates (over 3000 kbps in some cases). Tidal is known for high quality as well, so that'll be interesting to compare.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Replace the whole switch or some portion? Isn't it weird that one button continues to work? Also, if I press either of the top two buttons a few times, the scenes inside the house come on and off.
  7. Hi all, Randomly noticed that our garage lights wouldn't turn on last night. Went to the light switch in the garage and saw that the top two buttons are blinking red. The button for the garage lights is stuck lit up. I've tried tapping the top button 15 times and after blinking blue/purple it eventually comes back to blinking red. What is also weird is that the bottom button is working just fine. The system is a few years old. No light bulbs were changed recently. We did have our sprinkler system tuned up for the spring yesterday, but the unit for that is on the opposite side of the house, so I can't imagine that would be related. I've done some reading on the forum and some people talk about having to reset them in composer. My dealer has been closed for a couple months now, so I'm hoping there is a workaround I can do. See picture below. Top two buttons are blinking red, third button is stuck blue, and bottom button is working normally.
  8. Super helpful. Thanks! Things actually seem to be working as expected. I think there can be some glitchiness if I stream from Spotify on my phone to C4 and then try and use a preset in a short amount of time.
  9. I believe they are C4/Spotify instances. If I click on the Add Music button I see lots of options - Pandora, Sirius, Spotify Connect, Deezer, etc - so I'm assuming those are all C4 native services, right? What is the expected behavior? If I use a C4 remote, go to listen, go into Spotify, and click a playlist, should it play even if my cell phone is turned off?
  10. Hi all, Just moved into a house with a fairly complex Control4 setup and was looking for advice. The setup has speakers in all rooms, a triad distribution system, and v3.0 for C4. On top of that, there is a Sonos streaming box, an AppleTV, and a Nvidia Shield. The thing that seems most clunky is when I go into the C4 app and play music in a room. It currently has Spotify, Amazon, and My Device (no Sonos for some reason). For Spotify/Amazon, I have to have the Spotify/Amazon app running on my device for it to work. Is there a way for me to utilize something like the Sonos so that I can just play a Spotify playlist from my remote or C4 app and it won't need Spotify to be running on my phone? I'm open to other streaming services if something would work cleaner. Below is what I see when I go to the Listen menu. Thanks in advance for the help!
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