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Chowmain - VSSL A.6 Multichannel Amplifier driver (FREE)


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Chowmain releases major update to the FREE VSSL A.6 driver for Control4. Now supports metadata for Google Cast, Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay. Also has the added ability to add zones to existing streams. 

For those of you who have not heard of the VSSL A.6 before it is a matrixed multichannel amplifier which allows you to switch 8 x stereo sources to 6 amplified zones. It has 7 x streaming sources built in where you can send independant streams of Google Cast, Spotify Connect or Apple Airplay. It also allows you to connect two of these zones via the bus outputs to a 3rd party receiver or amplifier to pass through audio. 

It is a really nice piece of hardware and its now even better with the new features we have added to the driver. Check out the link below for more information about the free driver. 


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I've spent several hours trying to troubleshoot before posting this and I could use some help from one of you geniuses.

To start, I can't get the driver to auto locate the amps for the life of me.  I entered the MAC for each amp into the driver but couldn't ever get it to connect.  I then manually assigned static IPs at the router level to each zone, but even those connections drop in Composer.

I have a Control4 audio matrix in the mix (not the Triad one).  How should the connections be mapped in Composer?  Something like this:

C4 Matrix Output --> Generic Local Driver Input

Generic Local Driver Output --> VSSL Zone Input

I don't have the generic driver in place right now, and I've already found that I can't listen to certain inputs from the C4 matrix.  The C4 app shows that it's playing but nothing comes out of the speakers and I assume it's trying to send it over a different input.

I've also found that the default audio level for a room in Composer wants to take over when a stream is sent straight to the VSSL amp.  I try to bump up the volume in the Google Home app, and it'll go up a little, but I have to go into the C4 app to get it where I want it to be.  I have the inputs for the VSSL set to a fixed level.  Is that correct?

Any help is appreciated!

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