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Cueserver mini CS-810 as RS232 dmx engine?

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Hi all,

C4 newbie here.

I am looking to install a relatively simple C4 system in my house (for starters) I currently have Lutron lighting throughout (32 channels) and would like to add various led accents and architectural lighting and integrate all with the entertainment.

After some research I see that the best/most popular option is the ES rs232 dmx engine. 

I have a spare Cueserver mini CS-810.


Can this be used instead of the Engineering Solutions rs232 dmx engine? Is it worth the effort or is it better to just bite the bullet and buy the ES engine?

thanks in advance  


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1 hour ago, ILoveC4 said:

Buy the one from BlackWire. It works great and no hoops to jump through. 

Thanks for your reply! I had a feeling that would be the response, thanks for confirming. 

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The cueserver will not work.  Unless someone writes a specific driver for it, but at this point, most likely won't happen as that thing is a dinosaur now.

Response-Box for the win!

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