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  1. Your welcome and happy holidays!
  2. As our way to give back to this amazing community this holiday season we are going to be giving away some amazing gifts including one customer's complete order! Only at 15% OFF ALL Control4 Drivers use the promo code: Happy2017 Promotion ends Sunday January 15. No Purchase necessary Maximum order value $500 Winning order will be credited back to customers payment method One winner per company / household 10 people / companies will win free drivers And much more...... FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ON TWITTER FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM
  3. Hi, You will need the Pentair 520442 I-Link Home Adapter Interface.
  4. I spoke to TwoCanoes a while back and we ended up dropping the project because they would not lower their price for you guys.
  5. Hi guys, There is an issue with the latest C4 build that is causing an issue with the Ecobee driver. We have an updated driver available that solves these issues. Please feel free to PM me or email me at
  6. Hi Twmoonly, Please contact me at and I will make sure this is taken care of. Also please check your spam file.
  7. Hi Bullseye, We now sell the Ecobee3 thermostat. If you buy them with the driver we can get you a packaged deal. Please contact the office.
  8. The NAPCO - StayAway driver is here and available for FREE to download the driver please go to You can now take full advantage of the latest security offerings by integrate the latest NAPCO Security systems with Control4 running OS versions 2.8 and greater. Compatible with the following NAPCO security systems: X255, 9600 and 3200 version 7X panels 816/1632/1664 panels with an IBR-ZREMOTE.
  9. I have sent this to our engineers and I will see what they say. If you guys have any ideas as to use, please feel free to message me.
  10. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are always looking to improve our products
  11. Hi, 1. Does your driver have a trial period? Yes, there is trial period for ALL drivers developed by TheDriversLab. 2. Does your driver deal with all the points listed below? Yes, we are constantly working to resolve some of these issues. However, we are limited by what control4 allows through their proxy as we are no longer able to design custom UI's. 3. Does your driver link in with the Intellichem stuff? I have spoken with Pentair regarding the integration of their Intellichem, we are checking to see if it is possible to integrate. 4. Will you be updating your driver from time to time? Like all our drivers, we constantly update our drivers as needed or when new features are requested and implemented.
  12. Hi, No the current driver is RS-232. However, as Pentair upgrades their systems we will update the driver.
  13. Our new Pentair driver works with Pentair's latest Intellitouch systems while the old C4 driver only works with the out of date i9. Our driver also takes advantage of the latest proxies available from control4.
  14. Hi, the control4 Pentair driver does not support the latest Pentair IntelliTouch systems. We just released a new Pentair Pool driver. For more information here is a previous post. Or you can go directly to our site
  15. The Pentair pool driver is now available at