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  1. Ecobee Driver

    Good morning, we have two week free trails. Our driver also offers more features/functions over the other driver. https://homeation.com/app-details/Ecobee_-_Single_Thermostat_for_Control4. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Ted@thedriverslab.com
  2. pool control

    They have a few test units out in the market. The driver is now with C4 for certification.
  3. Steam Room Driver

    Hey guys, This is a little late, we are the creators of the steamist driver. If there is a need I can reach out to our contact at mr steam and thermasol and see if they are interested in a having a driver developed. I will post as soon as I have an answer.
  4. need to outsource digital projection projector driver

    Don't shoot the messenger, just relaying what we were told last time. I tried to explain that the C4 crew were very busy.
  5. need to outsource digital projection projector driver

    We spoke with them a while back and were hoping C4 would develop the driver for them. Let me reach out again. email me at Liran@thedriverslab with any specific models and features you guys need.
  6. Pentair Pool

    That is their current target
  7. Pentair Pool

    Hi MonsterIT, We have just finished the new Intellicenter and are working on the Carrier Infinity AC driver. Once that is done we will be able to focus back on the intellibright integration. Please email me at ted@thedriverslab.com for further information
  8. remote programming

    Matt, we use the Amex because it offers us points and also has hassle-free protection. As we had said before, the bigger issue is phoney sites and personal information being hacked. I didn't know that you could set limits on the debit card. That is a great feature, which makes it a lot more worry-free and also lets you give it to employees without worrying it will be misused.
  9. remote programming

    If that's how much they charge for installs, I am clearly in the wrong side of the business.
  10. Ecobee Integration

    Hi balanchine, which driver did you try? Please let me know rita@thedriverslab.com
  11. remote programming

    We are excited to offer remote programming. Are your techs busy? Give us a call and have one of our amazing techs help you out.
  12. Sauna and Steam rooms

    I have asked our business director to reach out to Tylo. If you email me rita@thedriverslab.com. I will pass your information along.
  13. remote programming

    Gary, You know we love our miles.
  14. Ecobee Driver

    Hi MsGreenf, I was referring to the fact that when TheDriversLab originally developed the first Ecobee driver it was with the original Ecobee smart and smart si thermostat. Hope that clears that up.
  15. Ecobee Driver

    Hey guys, Just saw this. The Houselogix driver is ours, we have been offering the Ecobee driver since 2013 with the original Ecobee thermostat. Our driver supports ALL connected Ecobee Thermostats as well as the remote sensors. We also offer the driver for free with the purchase of an Ecobee thermostat and remote installation. Let us know if anyone needs a trial key.