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  1. Yantun drivers question.

    I just signed up to be a dealer on their website yesterday after informing the company that I work for that I did so I was told the drivers do sketchy things. I don't believe any of this to be true which is why this invoked me to question and ask you guys. I'd like not to throw sticks I was merely looking to inquire if there was any legitimacy to the situation which clearly there is not as nobody has anything to say right out of the bat if anything everyone is on the defensive which is good it tells me right out of the gate that this company is fine. It's clear to me there's nothing wrong with this company whatsoever so therefore please just let this thread die.
  2. Yantun drivers question.

    My Rumor is purely internal within my company I'm just trying to get some clarity to present the opposite to be true. As personally I do not believe that this is a fact It is not my intention to start a rumor at all once this is cleared up I'm more than willing to delete this thread. From the sounds of it it looks like it's already cleared up if nobody has any nightmare stories then I'm going to assume that this is all Bs within my company and I'm going to squish the rumor. I'm just doing my due diligence before I declare something I don't know
  3. I've heard rumors within my company and I'm trying to clear up fact versus fiction Rumor has it that their drivers have some format of spyware or borderline sketchy practices Can anybody confirm that this is a truth or a speculative accusation?
  4. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    Personally I would kill to get a login on that website for a dealer but they're not letting us Americans in. They have a free light switch to relay driver which is awesome
  5. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    I'll give it a shot.
  6. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    I'll ask them. Hopefully then Maybe we both as dealers can get this accomplished. Tons of times people want to know their wine room temps.
  7. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    Ah yes. This kinda works. The Cardaccess driver spits the temp variable out as a string field. and the axxess driver requires a number field. I figured out how to make it work with Alan's variable converter driver. Thanks for helping I do appreciate it. I was only looking to see if there was a direct driver. Hoping the skip the conversion process. Now if only The Axxess people had not encrypted the driver. Then I would just change it.
  8. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    I figured I've been hunting for weeks to find nothing. I've been tempted to write my own driver but I'm always one that if the wheel is invented why re-invent. If you do have a substitute I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Card Access Thermostat Driver

    Back in the day when Cardaccess was its own entity. They had a thermostat driver that connected to their sensors to display the reading from the temp sensors built in to show on a Read Only Thermostat driver. Anybody know where I can find that old beautiful driver now that the cardaccess site is all but lost. Or does anybody have that driver? I did a search on this site to no avail.
  10. Synchronization of variables to web

    Yes I'm well aware that it's possible I'm really just looking for a hand holding moment due to my ignorance is there any examples such as unencrypted learning drivers I can poke through to figure out how I can do this?
  11. Synchronization of variables to web

    I guess I need to be more clear to I'm sorry you guys. I'm looking for this action to be automated within the driver itself not within composers actions. So I guess my real goal here is this let's say that the customer has a thermostat and I want to read the thermostats temperature data so as a dealer I would add this magic driver to my project then go into my thermostat and select on temperature change update variable. Now on this magic driver when it notices that the variable has changed it automatically sends the update to the web service. Maybe I'm really asking how can I automatically send a post request from that driver when that drivers variable changes. Expressively I'm looking for Lua based help
  12. I'm reaching out to you guys because I am simply curious on what the best practice would be for running a driver that synchronizes variables to a web service either via incremental timer or some format of restful update. I know it's rather a broad request but I'm really just looking for some idea or maybe if someone's willing example code on a good practice that won't drain the processor power of the controller but yet keep variables within sync of a http baised cloud service. I'm asking for help because my understanding in this area is rather limited even though I'm well-versed in Lua I know that control for has limitations on what Lua can do.
  13. Blocking/Ignoring Users DOES NOT WORK

    Is it possible to do a human verify to post every time. I know most of these posters are using automation scripts to flood.