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  1. Engineerisaac

    Get Dropdown of Thermostats

    Thanks Ryan that was exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Engineerisaac

    Get Dropdown of Thermostats

    Hey guys, Im getting a much better understanding of the Control4 Driver Universe. I can write some nice drivers now. However I am having some mental blocks when reaching across the table to find elements like thermostats or lights in a project. Is there a good way or code example to bring a listed drop down of electable thermostats? I am attempting to read the temperature value of the thermostats in a project and bring them into my driver. I have not worked deep into the functions of this yet and was wondering if anybody had a good pointer for it?
  3. Engineerisaac

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    All valid ideas above. Ide suggest a wifi extender with watchdog and bridge features. That way the wifi handshake system is handled by the extender. If you static the controller too then the handshake in the ea1 will have a higher chance of holding the connection. Then no need for a power reboot at all.
  4. Engineerisaac

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    The relay de-rail is my bad. I was thinking way too far outside the box for you. however if it makes you feel any better I've had scenarios where I had no choice but to use a Linksys repeater for said situations. Wattbox makes a good unit that doesn't completely go off the rail when it comes to bandwidth. You also can get a wireless extender with the Watchdog built into it to maintain Wireless connectivity. Engenius access point actually have a bridge mode you can use if you want to go with one of those types of products and they're really good but again they come at a cost. It would be really cool for the EA to be able to do that and I promise you I've been asking the control4 team to do that for a long time now since the 250 series and they keep talking about how it could be potential but not in the cards at the time which is really just them saying is we don't know how yet I'm thinking it's because the controllers network card is on a Linux level and doesn't run inside the virtual environment directly and I know they hedge when it comes to modifying the Linux kernel to do said things even though it's very much possible
  5. Engineerisaac

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    It's actually quite sad but true the ea1 doesn't even have a relay me A3 has a relay that only goes up to 36 volts AC The old 300 series totally could handle the amperage but I totally understand why they avoid it it feels like a liability The 800 had an external power supply so it totally could But now that you've replied to your post I kind of see what you're really trying to go after and I don't believe that the ea1 will be able to do Network pass-through from the Wi-Fi I think you would have to get something like a Linksys extender or something of better equivalency
  6. Engineerisaac

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    You can do a EA3 and use the relay on NC. So it self sacrifices itself using the power cable to reboot. This is how I handle EA watchdogs. Using Alan's ping driver
  7. Engineerisaac

    Neat Functions to IP Scan?

    Not the apps fault apple changed policy. The update fixed the app so it would not crash due to the change.
  8. Engineerisaac

    Neat Functions to IP Scan?

    I use fing it's great. Getting a bit advertise crazy but not bad. IPhone blocked mac now. But I'm trying to simplify drivers I build to not need fing. Make a driver worth its money ya know
  9. Engineerisaac

    Neat Functions to IP Scan?

    Hey Fellow driver writers. Any of you have helpful functions to scan for devices? Im starting to see neat drivers that auto find devices Im assuming its scanning the network in some format. Anybody got any neat LUA functions written that can make this easy? If not Ill Just draft one myself. Just wondering if its been done already.
  10. Engineerisaac

    Help!... keypads no longer working

    Its true. 300's are good at just walking off on us for no good reason other then the power supply decided it was done. If none of your keypads work then it feels more like the Zigbee Coordinator has died from existence. If the device that holds the coordinator has died. then im afraid its a call to your dealer.
  11. Engineerisaac

    Honeywell 3 stage 17 zone heating system

    5 years running sting. Yea it was complicated but Honeywell digital is about as robust as analog tech.
  12. Hey I've already said this once but I definitely can say it again you got to have a thick skin to be here I love this forum it has a hell of a comedic Factor dashed with a attempt at helping people mixed in with the herbs and spices of angry customers Cooked to Perfection for 10 years and served with a glorious announcement attached to a scheduled task Honest when I say this thread is amazing it's totally bringing all the shadow people to light we have a lot of lurkers that were too afraid to post but now I feel like they can in this thread this is actually a good thing for this community in light of how cancerous This Thread is
  13. Does this not clearly show why they purchased pakedge and created their own PCNA? Sure there is tons of dealers who do not have a strong IT background. Control4 Invested in pakedge and created TONS of tools to certify them. And Beef up the most important part of control4.
  14. Ill take that as a complement.
  15. Your Right in some parts. There is many dealers who are stuck in their ways. They like what they know and dont want to change it. We are a Diamond Dealer and we are passionate about our customers. We want so bad to make sure they say nice about what we do. So we make damn sure our techs dont get lazy. Our staff is knowledgeable. And we drive to stay on the curve as its always ALWAYS moving. I know not everybody has a dealer that pushes the edges in their area. I feel for you guys in that situation it does make things hard. But Im telling you now thats when you get on the phone and raise hell with control4 directly. They go to the edge of the earth and back to make things right when they are very wrong.