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  1. Ok thanks so much for that I'm almost there. I see how to create a variable, and I see how to program off the variable being true, but I can't find where to set the variable for something that specific. I can only create a variable name and set it as true or false. I can't find how to make the variable for a specific user locking the lock. This is under Agents unless I am in the wrong place. I'm on 2.9 btw.
  2. Yeah the problem is lock also includes all programming and it was making my goodnight programming arm to away, turn up AC etc.
  3. Thanks. I only saw Unlock and Unlock Manually, but I will take another look tomorrow. I do have usernames set under monitoring.
  4. Thanks! I see how to do most of that, but I don't see how to do this part "when person x uses a code to unlock" is that supposed to be under Programming > Room > Kwikset Zigbee Lock? I see Username, but it only says changes instead of letting me specify which user and what they did.
  5. Is there a way to program solely off hitting the lock button when leaving? I don't see the option, but I'm hoping maybe there is a different driver or something. I can only program off lock or lock manually and I don't want to use either of those as I want it specifically for leaving.
  6. Thanks it's been a long road haha. Thanks for all your help.
  7. I did. I just replaced the sensor and it worked fine. Have you put the correct codes in? They changed the codes with an update I think about a year ago and I don't think the instructions have been updated. ejn1 provided the updated codes in another post. Search ejn1 and dsc and you can probably find them.
  8. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    It's a PG9945. Yes I have two others working fine. I may just buy a new one and see if it works. http://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=products&o=view&id=2469
  9. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    It's a wireless, but yes I tried putting it on a different zone.
  10. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    Yes I have the master code. I've done all the installation and programming myself. It hasn't gone so smoothly, but with help from ejn1 and others I've managed to get it all done except for this. I don't think I need an installer to fix this, but if I can't get it fixed that will be the last resort.
  11. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    Yes it shows it as open on the DSC keypad when closed, and ready to arm when the door is open.
  12. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    Yes, I've tried toggling that off and on but neither worked.
  13. Ivan James

    DSC Neo zone reversed

    They don't help homeowners.