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  1. Any update on the S25 now being sold? Doesnt seem to be working with the S20 driver yet.
  2. He means dont run 2 - 100ft cables and splice them together, make sure its 2 - full length runs of cat6a, direct burial rated 23 gauge cable. EDIT: HDBASET kits are how you will run video over the cat6a cable. They dont like to connected to patch panels, and run in multiple segments. Keep it one cable from the rack all the way to the TV.
  3. cat6a, not regular cat6. No real reason to run the coax. and with a run that far you may need to go 12/14/2.
  4. Anyone have an example on how they are programming with the chromecast audio? Which driver are you using? Its going into a matrix and existing drivers only support locally connected devices. What does your programming look like for sensing audio on that input to the matrix?
  5. Is there an API/SDK available from Kohler? If so, a driver could be put together.
  6. Yeah, I want the color abilities and motion sensing for all of the landscape lighting with zones, etc. Example: All landscape at 30%... car approaches down the street, ramp to 80% on front of the house, leave back yard dimmed. If motion in backyard, ramp up to 80%. Easter, change zones to pastel colors, Christmas, change zones to green and red, etc.
  7. Has anyone implemented a dimmable and motion sensing landscape lighting? I'd like to keep it on dim throughout the night but when motion is sensed from the corner of the property, rapidly ramp up all of the lighting. I was thinking about using the FX Luxor. Has anyone done a driver for this yet?
  8. How does that 20 dollar outlet integrate into c4?
  9. Used or new is fine. Rackmount 1 x c4-4urmk-nv-b (8 zone matrix rack mount, preferably non vented but vented will do too) Faceplates 5 - double gang gen 3 white 2 - triple gen 3 white 5 - single gen 3 white 1 - double gen 2 black 1 - double gen 2 white
  10. Driver was upgraded to latest version 297 and the firmware on the device is 2.20, it wont execute any commands and the status is this when any command is run including get current status or reset the deivce: LUA_ERROR: [string "Lua Code"]:9543: attempt to concatenate global 'gControlMethod' (a nil value) Any thoughts?
  11. I would be happy to test the nantucket, which is the same as the silhouette. I have 7 rooms with multiple blinds available. I have beta tested for @msgreenf and he can vouch for my feedback and availability.
  12. Has anyone done a new directv now integration? Which hardware did you go with? Firetv? Does it integrate into the sr260 so "watch" can be used and it automagicallly switches to firetv and the right app to start live tv?
  13. Has anyone used a different setup than the one that comes with the door station? M3.5x.6-30L is what the screws are listed as but I can't find anything online.
  14. Use the 2 relay connection and bind the hunter douglas scene to it for each.