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  1. FS: Dimmers and Fan Controllers

    Dimmers sold but still have fan controllers
  2. 2 x brand new fan controllers (white) 140$ 2 x brand new APD (white) 125$ Shipping included if you buy 2 or more. Otherwise it's medium flat rate USPS 2 day.
  3. Yes, the EA5 and POE Switch are still available, but the touchscreen just sold.
  4. 7" Black Wall7 SOLD EA5 - $1100 Pakedge SX24p8 $425 I can't ship until mid next week due to travel, payment would be next week when I can ship. Make offers. Edit: prices and selling individually.
  5. Early Spring Cleaning

    pics of lock?
  6. Budget Wireless Garage Door Integration

    Do NOT do this to newer model myq openers with the builtin myq hub. The opener uses serial not a relay. You will break it and it will not work.
  7. New Driver: Garage Agent

    How does this differ than the recently released control4 garage door relay experience button that has opening and closing icons?
  8. Yes, $250.00 per landscape light.
  9. 250ish per landscape light. + transformer and color backpack kit. Looking at 10kish in hardware in a normal landscape.
  10. willing to bet its 24v over the cat5. No one would run 110 over that... and live.
  11. UHD Matrix VS Samsung xxMU8000/7000

    LU642 on latest firmware works fine on my Mu6300 and Q7's