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  1. I have a white Wall7 that I am looking to either sell or trade + cash on a white wall10. My wall7 is brand new in the box. Plenty of references available as well. Thanks! -Brian
  2. Latest 2.10 Release

    I bet the change log on the dealer portal would tell you
  3. Delete

  4. Delete

  5. Integrate Hunter Douglas Powerview (2nd Gen hub)

    1.) The driver talks to the hub, you have to tell the driver the name of the scene. Yes the dealer would have to program new scenes. 2.) No 3.) No, c4 just executes the scene. As someone who has a v2 hub and hunter Douglas PV shades, you made a big mistake. They are giant pieces of shit and almost daily don't execute a scene the same way the hub does. Very disappointed in the battery life of larger shades too... MAYBE 7-8 weeks just opening and closing vanes, not even rolling up or down.
  6. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Great, thanks for sharing.
  7. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    It's in beta, my guess is 2 more months.
  8. What are these kits going for? Anyone have one laying around?
  9. Control System Backend

    SSH is not how you would do that. You need to be a licensed dealer and have Composer Pro. Accessing the file system will do nothing for you.
  10. No, need at minimum an EA3. But you have to do all of this through a dealer anyways... let them scope it out. EA1 is for 1 room, EA3 supports 3 rooms. Need EA5 for whole home.
  11. EA1 cant be the primary controller.... so no.
  12. FS/FT: Like New EA1

    Like new EA1 controller. Running latest updates but can revert back as far as 2.8 with a reset. Literally like brand new, has maybe 24 hours of powered on use. SOLD