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  1. I can test this out tonight if you still have not found an answer?
  2. Have u owned Powerview shades? Lol
  3. The control4 driver works off the API, so yes, same integrations, ethernet and wifi for control, not sure if it supports POE or if it only takes AC.
  4. It comes out at the end of July and will eliminate all the repeaters. It also allows remote firmware updates to the blind motors! Hub will have both wifi and Ethernet options and can be centrally located in center of home. (I had my dealer out who was talking with them about a firmware issue) Can't wait!!
  5. I find it entertaining that people want to attack me for my opinion. Do you think there is very little room for improvement to the way control4 develops their software, including the QA & beta process? Is 5 non-maintenance releases since 2013 acceptable? I'm totally fine if you think that it is going great, you would have way more knowledge on it than me. I'm just trying to have a friendly debate on this, I'm not personally attacking anyone.
  6. Thousands of homes running one of x number of controllers made by control 4. By integrators, i mean 3rd party hardware integrators. Like Axxess or Card Access. The software is not very complex, it requires fairly limited if any hardware driver development (for the controllers, not drivers as you think) We can have differing opinions but this is not run like a well oiled development shop and its extremely evident.
  7. typically I would agree with you if the software platform was independent of the hardware, such as with android (yes ii know android is used) or windows... this only runs on control4 hardware with a few select integrators. I feel a lot of focus has been put on M&A of other hardware companies instead of further product development. Again, strictly my opinion.
  8. I make that assumption as someone who manages software development life cycles under scrum. Typically sprints are much shorter than 4+ months for feature developments as well as bug fixes.
  9. Is there any rhyme or reason to director updates? Seems like an extraordinary amount of time between updates but was curious if anyone has any thoughts on that. As someone who manages development teams, this release logic seems very flawed.
  10. Any update on the S25 now being sold? Doesnt seem to be working with the S20 driver yet.
  11. He means dont run 2 - 100ft cables and splice them together, make sure its 2 - full length runs of cat6a, direct burial rated 23 gauge cable. EDIT: HDBASET kits are how you will run video over the cat6a cable. They dont like to connected to patch panels, and run in multiple segments. Keep it one cable from the rack all the way to the TV.
  12. cat6a, not regular cat6. No real reason to run the coax. and with a run that far you may need to go 12/14/2.
  13. Anyone have an example on how they are programming with the chromecast audio? Which driver are you using? Its going into a matrix and existing drivers only support locally connected devices. What does your programming look like for sensing audio on that input to the matrix?
  14. Is there an API/SDK available from Kohler? If so, a driver could be put together.
  15. Yeah, I want the color abilities and motion sensing for all of the landscape lighting with zones, etc. Example: All landscape at 30%... car approaches down the street, ramp to 80% on front of the house, leave back yard dimmed. If motion in backyard, ramp up to 80%. Easter, change zones to pastel colors, Christmas, change zones to green and red, etc.