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  1. I have problem in INTERCOM anywhere after upgrade from HC250 master to HC-800GL1 . For intercom very touch screen in my house it can use normal . Before HC250 run in 2.105 but HC800 run in 2.106 . Before upgrade , intercom licensee it can use normal but after upgrade it use HC800 in 2.106 it can not use intercom licensee but My door station is first model and touch screen is old model also . Need some body help because if upgrade all to use T3 and DS2 , May be need pay too much money . I have question in picture , Gate way it OFFLINE but I don't know it concern this problem or n
  2. Thank you very much for your advice, i will try it.
  3. Thanks a lot sonic. Have a good dream.
  4. I see, thank you very much for your information and advise. Have a good days....
  5. Yes Sonic It v2 version 7" camera and before update from 2.82 to 2.105 it it can use intercom in my house. Could you please advise....
  6. Have somebody know what problem in picture. Before i use version 2.82 and after update veraion to 2.105, i found intercom can't for all touchscreen and door station. I checked in Agent comunication, all touch screen it not ready I try to remove agent, try to factory reset all touch screen but still found same problem can't use intercom. Now i have 4sight for anywhere but intercom license no have. could you please advise...
  7. I have to setup Intercom anywhere , From mobile phone to touch screen and touch screen to mobile phone is no have any problem but when I push door station but on mobile phone it not respond call from door station . I asked my dealer , they don't know because never use it . Need somebody help . Thank a lot .
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