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    All set thanks everyone
  2. Hometronics-SF

    Hunter Douglas Hub issues

    Hey Cyknight, just wanted to take a second thank you again. That driver worked definitely better, and allowed me to finally complete the job I was on. We also scrounged up an awesome driver for the MyQ garage doors as well from that site, so all around huge win. -edit- Also that driver stopped the rebooting problem all around! Thanks again for your help Sean Hometronics FL
  3. Hometronics-SF

    Hunter Douglas Hub issues

    Hey Cyknight, I appreciate the response, yes correct I consider it "static" but the reserved address on the router as well as the HD hub was the specific claim. It made sense because of the driver I could locate (powerview gateway) was ip specific for the controller to connect. The down command blank creates no effect on the blinds, but, in turn there is no loss of connection with the HC800 and composer connection with the loaded project. (Also the touch screen stays good to go) it's literally like when a certain signal is sent, for the request on the down arrow to lower the blinds, it blocks the controller for just a brief second enough to knock it's connection to the network. the controller also is set on a reserved IP address. I will look into the driver from houselogix tomorrow, and will see if there is anything on there that seems to make a difference. I really have to say, with all the different things I have tied into projects over the years, I am really NOT impressed with the HD powerview. Even the app will sometimes miss a window on a close scene, and you have to go back into the scene builder to get it back in sync. Anyway, thank you again. Sean
  4. Hey all, I can normally find a work around to something like this, but it seems like no one has seen this issue before from what I have combed through. I have a HD gateway running simple 2 scenes (open/close) all the shades were discovered and placed in the scenes. I set a static ip for the hub, controller, and touchscreen. When I request the function open- (in composer I have it set to pull the scene open all from the hub) it will open the blinds, now, when I push the down arrow (same exact set up as above) it will crash composer, and the touch screen will loose connection to the controller as well. But, within seconds I can reconnect to my controller on composer. So it's not like a network reboot or anything. I have tried separating the IP's multiple times, changed DNS servers. But something is running the Internet connection into each other. It really reminds me of an ip conflict, but everything is all static set in my router. Hub has newest update in composer, and I'm using Araknis 300 router. if anyone has seen what the deal is with this, it would be greatly appreciated. -Sean