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  1. There is not an easy solution to this type of integration currently. I have done the following which works...ok I have echo dots's in keys rooms throughout my home. I have a newer control4 project with EA5 etc. I use spotify and the integration for spotify connect with Control4 works well. I use a third party skill called connect control to use the echo to start a spotify song or playlist and then "transfer" that song to a spotify connect source. I have a spotify connect source for all zones in my project with the audio sensing turned on. What this allows me to do is ask "Alexa play 70's smash hits playlist" then say "alexa transfer to device "x"" the "x" device are the different spotify connect drivers within control4. One for kitchen, bedroom etc. Using that automatically turns on the audio in that zone to a specific volume level. The tricky thing is you cannot say transfer to "kitchen" as the third party skill numbers the devices (They change occasionally which is a pain). So you say transfer to device "3" and you know that is the kitchen for example. Also because of the spotify connect sources are driver based they often drop off, the only way to reactivate is go into the spotify app on your phone and select the devices again, this will then allow the connect control skill to find them. I am looking into getting the EPIC driver to make adding additional zones to sources, or changing the volume, but I still believe the limitation is the stunted spotify connect integration with the echo's. I am hoping spotify adds this feature to their native integration, but I am not holding my breath. Your other option as you have described is to connect a dummy echo dot into you audio matrix. This would allow you to say "alexa play 70's smash hits on "control4 echo"" with audio sensing it would then automatically use your control4 connected echo to a specific zone. Again this is not perfect as potentially you need a lot of echo dots for various zones, or look at the EPIC driver for further features. In addition the echo dot does not have a digital out, so you would be limited to a 3.5mm aux cable which may degrade sound quality. The google home products have an optical out, but are not as well integrated with Control4.
  2. What I have done is have each separate zone (and some linked zones) setup with their own Spotify Connect Profile. I then have it so when audio selected on that profile that zone(s) automatically turn on. What I have then done is enable the spotify connect control skill to my Amazon Echo's. What this allows me to do is ask Alexa to play any song, artist, playlist I want, and then say "Alexa ask connect control to transfer to device (X). This then automatically turns on the zone with the music I have already selected.
  3. What type of sound quality will be lost using a stereo cable vs. a high bitrate spotify connect stream?
  4. Hi, I have composer HE and my dealer did some programming that when a certain audio source was active a set audio zone would go on. can someone provide some guidance how I can find and replicate this in composer HE?
  5. Interested. Thank you! Vizio P65 C-1
  6. Given this increased integration and partnership with Amazon, does anyone know if there is now a better native driver for control over Amazon FireTV boxes? Dealer is currently finding drivers buggy for gen 1 and gen 2 Firetv box.