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  1. Tidyloke

    IP controlled blu ray

    Another one for Sony here although mine does fail to wake up sometimes
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. Just wondering if Sony is the best route to go with the free database drivers or whether there are better options of players. Similar price range to the Sony players, not in the Oppo range. I'm also only looking at full HD at the moment not 4K.
  3. Hi F0ZZ. Did you / have you settled on a Blu ray player?
  4. Tidyloke

    Control4 Clear out ( UK Based )

    Thanks. Are you selling it come with buttons and face plate?
  5. Tidyloke

    Control4 Clear out ( UK Based )

    Hi Dave. What Is the dimmer model number?
  6. Tidyloke

    Zwave Intergration

    If you have added the Mi Casa Verde Zwave drivers for each of your items, lights, sensors, blinds etc then they should appear on the left under system design and programming and you use them in composer like you would any other C4 driver. I haven't done anything with C4's built in Zwave but I'm guessing that's what would show in connections, network, Zwave.
  7. Tidyloke

    Zwave Intergration

    You could also have used the cheaper Vera Edge, works good for me. http://getvera.com/controllers/veraedge/
  8. Tidyloke

    Zwave Intergration

    There is a control4 ip driver for it. The Vera creates its own Zwave network that the Zwave equipment connects to then control4 communicates with the Vera over ip. Every item you connect to Vera via Zwave, lights, blinds, door contacts etc. Will have an identity number. As well as the driver for Vera In control4 you will also need a driver for each Zwave item. Some manufacturers like Fibaro have created their own, others are generic. When setting up Zwave item drivers in Control4 you enter the identity number from Vera and it will be available in your project to program like anything else and it will show on navigators and remotes
  9. Tidyloke

    Zwave Intergration

    There are a number of fibaro Zwave drivers in Control4. I use the dimmer ones and the roller shutter ones (blinds) and the show up the same as generic C4 lights and blinds on navigators and remotes. They have full percentage control and feed back via C4 navigators and remotes but you also wire a rocker / toggle switch direct to them so they are independent if your C4 controller is ever out of action.
  10. Tidyloke

    Dimmer Multi Function

    Thank you both for replying. So nothing I was missing then, makes a change I will take a look at these options a little later.
  11. Tidyloke

    Dimmer Multi Function

    Hi all. I have turned a dimmer switch into a multi functioning switch and removed the buttons attached option as I don't want the lights to react to volume or trigger inputs. Set a variable to swap between using it for a light switch and volume control and can raise and lower the volume with no problems. The problem I have is with the light dimming now. I can set it to levels with the press of the top or bottom buttons but I can not simulate the dimming and stopping at a chosen level. I am probably being really dumb and missing something simple but the volume control was controlled via the room start / stop volume up and down options with button presses and releases but for the life of me I can't find a similar option for the lights. Any ramping or variables I try to use don't seem to be able to be stopped upon button release. I even went down the route of using the snapshot driver where holding the up or down buttons will slowly ramp the level up or down and programmed the release of each button to take a snapshot of the level and then reload it in. This is obviously flawed as the level continues to change and then it will jump back to the snapshot. I know I must be missing the obvious here and would appreciate a little nudge in the right direction.
  12. Tidyloke

    Error code EX1764

    OK I'm back up and running. Thanks if someone did something
  13. For the last 2 days I have had problems reading anything on the forums. I can access the main menu, go into sub menus and search but any thread I try to read just comes up with the something has gone wrong page and error code EX1764 I see new posts being created by others so is this a problem my end? I just realised though I probably won't be able to read any replies to this post either
  14. Tidyloke

    Roku Replacement ?

    Bear in mind the Roku 3's remote has a headphone socket. I've actually got this sat in my rack, attached to my c4 amp with a 3.5 to twin RCA cable and it works fine. There's also the volume button combination that allows audio out of both the headphone socket and HDMI at the same time
  15. I have a very helpful c4 installer on retainer who usually answers any questions I have but unfortunately he had taken a long period off over Christmas and is unreachable, just as I am first fixing the house and I have a few questions. I have taken an interest in these forums for a long time now, learning what I can and appreciate the time everyone puts into it. I have searched most of the day on these forums for answers but can't find them so I am hoping someone here may be able to help. A little but about the project. My installer has recommended a c4 16 amp3 for the audio distribution but looking at its details it only accepts analogue inputs where as some of my sources, xbox one for example, only have digital audio out. We have not agreed on the hdmi hdbaset matrix yet but he has suggested the c4's, wyrestorm or as a last resort the hd anywhere's. My AV rack, which will house all the sources along with the c4 controller and distribution gear, is going into my garage conversion which will be a dual purpose room, a home theatre and the kids playroom so will have a TV for everyday use and a projector and motorized screen with 5.1.2 sound for gaming and movie nights. There will be 5 other zones with tvs and stereo sound. Due to house renovation costs escalating my installer is happy for me to purchase a certain amount from him, namely c4 gear but source other items elsewhere if I can find it cheaper. All this leads me to my first question. The digital audio only sources to the amp3 and to the 5.1.2 and best way of implementing it? I have seen numerous 6x6 Hdbaset matrix's dotted about the net that have analogue audio breakouts on each input and hdmi mirroring on the outputs. This sounds ideal to me for suppling the analogue audios to the amp3 from the hdbaset martix and retaining the digital outputs for whatever amp i use for the 5.2.1. The hdmi mirroring for the garage conversion zone would seem to work for me too with the TV and projector as it will only be one or the other because the screen will drop in front of the TV. Would save me going up to an 8x8. Does anyone have good or bad experiences with these matix's and is there a more preferred method? Second item, this is one my installer coudn't answer. I am wanting to be able to play the xbox one in any of the zones. Obviously the image is not a problem but i feel the controller will be as it drops connection now if I go out of the room. I am thinking / hoping that as the wireless controllers can be used on a laptop / PC with a USB cable it may be usable via USB on the xbox one itself, just like a USB external hard drive. I am installing a few network points below each TV, low level, back to the rack and wondered if i could get away with some usb cat 5 extenders back to the rack and connected to the xbox one. I haven't had a chance to try it as I don't have any extenders and obviously if I try it with a normal usb cable then I can't guarantee it's not just controlling wirelessly. I wondered if anyone had any experience of this? Very worst case I imagine i can have my Zotec Zbox mini PC as a source and use the xbox one windows 10 streaming with the usb extenders. Again has anyone any experience with this? Can the HC800 have any control over a PC if it's permanently left on? Lastly, regarding the Zbox, all my digital media is contained on it as I currently use Plex on the smart tvs. Can this still be used as a source for my media with a c4 hc800? If so what is the best way of doing it? Can the c4 controller drive the PC via IP or rs232 or would I somehow share the drive as if it was networked? Many thanks.