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  1. Matching 5-gang faceplate

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I had not heard of the Legrand Radiant before and look forward to checking it out.
  2. Hi, We have switched almost all the faceplates in our home to the screwless C4 variety. However, we have two pesky 5-gang faceplates, and our dealer informed us that C4 does not make faceplates in that size. Does anybody have suggestions for a screwless third-party faceplate that might look at least passable when placed near the C4 faceplates? Thanks for the help.
  3. Oppo UDP-203 and C4 issue

    Fair enough. I guess I am looking for a problem to match the solution I already have.
  4. Hi, I have experienced a persistent, albeit minor, problem with my Oppo UDP-203 player. The Oppo is connected to C4 via serial port. Whenever I update the firmware on Oppo -- and I have done this 2 or 3 times -- the player updates without an issue, reboots normally, but when it finishes rebooting, it no longer responds to any of the C4 remotes, apps, touch screens, etc. However, while in this state, it does respond to the Oppo remote perfectly well. Unplugging the Oppo player from power, plugging it back in, and waiting a few minutes has always resolved the problem -- C4 remotes start working again and keep working without any issues (at least until the next update). Two questions: 1. What the heck is going on? 2. Is there a better procedure I should be following, or is the old-school "unplug and plug back in" the right thing to keep doing after every firmware update? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, that is a good idea. I will give it a shot.
  6. That's good news. Maybe they are slowly getting on top of it. In any event, maybe I should put in some kind of a fail-safe using a different source for temperature data. The outdoor temperature feed from my Honeywell thermostats into C4 seems pretty reliable. Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot. Any sense of how often it has happened in the past?
  8. So, I guess this is technically not exactly the same topic as my OP, but I had a strange issue with the Wunderground driver today. I have three copies of the Wunderground driver, each pointing to a different weather station nearby. In the afternoon, C4 sends me hourly emails with temperature readings from those stations -- we use them to determine some automated irrigation behavior, which is also reported in the email. However, today, I noticed that the temperature values were missing. When I opened the driver, the "station selector" field had gone missing, and the "driver information" field showed "reselecting Station X" where X was the station that was previously being reported by the driver. I solved the problem by going through the process of refreshing the station list, and reselecting the station. Has anybody seen this issue before? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? It creates some irrigation mayhem when the Wunderground temperature values go missing, so I'd like to find a robust solution, if I can. Or, if this is just a one-off thing that happens infrequently, that would be good to know too. Thanks!
  9. Thanks all for the helpful suggestions. It showed up about 36 hours after installation, so I just needed to be patient. (That tends to be challenging....)
  10. Good to know, thanks. I guess I'll give it a couple of days. The Netatmo was $128 on Amazon. The linkage to Wunderground was free; I believe that Wunderground and Netatmo have some kind of deal. However, the rain gauge and wind sensor are extra -- I think they add about $100 to the price of the hardware.
  11. Hi, I recently installed a personal weather station (PWS) and linked it to Wunderground. It shows up on the Wundermap properly and on the correct place in the map. However, I do not see my PWS on the station selector list in the C4 Wunderground weather driver. The driver has been working fine for me, and shows many other nearby stations. I installed the PWS yesterday, and it showed up almost immediately on the Wundermap. We tried installing a new, clean copy of the Wunderground driver and pulling in a new station list, but it still did not appear. Is there a lag of several days or longer before it shows up on the station list in the Wunderground driver? Is there something else I need to do to make it available to the C4 driver? Just in case it matters, the PWS is a Netatmo. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, those are nice ideas. Do you just use the standard C4 custom experience button for changing backlight colors?
  13. Thanks! I will give all those options a try.
  14. Hi, I'm wondering what the best choices are for backlight color on keypads and switches. I'm primarily concerned about how easy they are to read, with aesthetic considerations a secondary factor. Are there any recommendations for popular or time tested color choices? My switches and faceplates are white, in case it matters. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am using the Mockupancy driver with programming that starts playback when the security system is armed away, and starts recording when the system is disarmed. However, I wonder if I am overthinking this and can skip the programming. I have selected my security system in the Mockupancy driver properties. Moreover, the driver documentation describes the default behavior as starting to record whenever the selected security system is disarmed and starting playback when armed. Does this means it starts playback whenever it is armed, or only when it is armed away? I want to avoid playback during "armed stay" mode, but I am not sure whether that is the default behavior, absent any programming. Thanks very much for any advice.