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    LED bulbs

    Cool! Thanks very much for the advice.
  2. DLite

    LED bulbs

    Hi @BakerBalay, Will the Lutron shunt capacitor work with a C4 adaptive phase dimmer? I have had a long-running problem with one small bank of dimmable LED puck lights flickering from time to time -- they are controlled by a C4 Adaptive Phase Dimmer. My electrician tells me the flickering is due to the low load, but he didn't know of a solution compatible with a C4 dimmer. Might this Lutron hardware work? Thanks for your advice.
  3. I'm having a problem with the Sonos Endorsed driver not showing album art on the C4 Touchscreen or app. The art shows up in the Sonos app, but not in the C4 app. This problem occurs only for music in my own music library, not online music services. And, it is only true for some albums in my music library -- some show up with artwork just fine. The only difference I see between the working and non-working albums is that the problematic albums have the artwork both embedded in the music file, and as an image in the album's directory folder on my network drive. In contrast, the albums that work have the image in the folder but the artwork is not embedded in the individual files. I haven't searched systematically to assess whether this difference is really universal, or whether it is a coincidence for the handful of albums I looked at. I also can't figure out how embedding the artwork would pose a problem, if the jpg file is also present in the folder. Any thoughts on what could be going on, or what I might check to resolve this? Thanks! P.S. I'm running version 73 of the Sonos Endorsed Driver.
  4. At the risk of (re-)hijacking my own thread, does anybody use the Unifi UAP-Pro in-wall access points? I love them for covering a single troublesome room, but I am also wondering if I can use its pass-through PoE outlet to power a Control4 T3 touch screen. According to the spec's, the in-wall AP is rated for a 12W device. The C4 touch screen reports a maximum power draw of 13W. Is that close enough, or am I tempting fate by connecting the T3 to that PoE port?
  5. Great to hear all this. Maybe I will take the plunge! Thanks a lot.
  6. My router and network switches are getting a bit long in the tooth, and I am considering replacing them. I'm considering going with a Unifi router and switches, because I really love my Unifi Pro access points; they are super reliable, and the Unifi controller is so easy to use. However, my main worry is the "blacklisting" of Unifi network gear by C4. Will a Unifi USG and switches play nicely with my Control4 system? And, even if they do play nicely, do I risk a scenario where Control4 points the finger at my router if I ever have a problem with C4 devices in my house? Should I avoid a Unifi router for these or any other C4-related reasons? As some background, my network architecture is very simple, in part because my current router is a Netgear Nighthawk, without any real enterprise features. I have a primary home network and an isolated guest network -- no other segmentation. And, I have about 80-90 devices attached to the network -- excluding all the C4 Zigbee gear. Thanks for any advice, and Happy Holidays!
  7. Yes, I had this same problem. In the properties page of the Ecobee network driver, set debug mode to "on." Next, turn to the "Actions" page of the network driver, and click the "request PIN code" button. Finally, go to the "Lua" page of the driver, and you should see the PIN code within the "Lua output" box. It seems that the PIN flashes in the driver properties window for a microsecond, and then shows this unhelpful "waiting for user to validate" message.
  8. This horse may be dead already, but I thought I would offer three quick postscripts for others trying to program their Ecobees. 1. I contacted Ecobee about this issue of hold modes not working with comfort settings. For what it's worth, the support person there told me that hold modes are inapplicable to comfort settings, by design. He asserted that this is why comfort settings are always in effect until the next activity. I am not sure whether this is accurate or not, but I thought it was worth reporting. 2. When I change heat or cool setpoints via the C4 driver, these do seem to be held permanently by default. I found this to be pretty handy as a means of coding up an Ecobee "vacation mode" within C4, since the driver does not (yet?) support controlling Ecobee's native vacation mode function. 3. I never did get permanent hold actions to work with comfort settings via the Control4 driver. However, I did find two workarounds that function quite well. One is described above -- create a state variable in C4 that is true when you want a comfort setting to remain in effect, and then use "Hold mode off" on your thermostats as a trigger that then turns on this comfort setting. The other workaround is to have C4 establish the comfort setting every half an hour -- at 1 minute past the hour and 31 minutes past the hour -- if the C4 state variable calls for the comfort setting to be held permanently. I use both of these, as the "half-hour check" provides a safety net in case the "hold off" trigger fails to fire on occasion. In spite of my struggles, I'm pretty happy with the C4-Ecobee integration overall. I've been able to get it to do everything I need it to do, albeit with a bit more elbow grease than I thought I was going to need.
  9. [emoji846] Regardless, thanks for taking the time to help! Maybe I will contact Ecobee on the off chance they can shed some light on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have tried changing the thermostat hold behavior setting to "Until you change it," and to "Decide at time of change," and I get exactly the same results. (For kicks, I also tried "For 2 hours" and "For 4 hours," and I got the same results as well.) I've tried every possible permutation of the thermostat "hold action" setting, and the Control4 "HoldMode" option, and every permutation produces the same result of hold until next.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that would be a very logical conclusion, but surprisingly that is not what I am doing. Indeed, I have tried implementing the command with every possible other HoldMode option -- next 2 hours, next 4 hours, and permanent -- and I always get the same result, namely that the comfort setting is implemented "until next activity" on the thermostat. For example, here is a screenshot of a command I just ran, and which just produced the result. This is kind of driving me nuts! Might there be some setting on the thermostat that would be causing this? Also, I am running version 9 of the C4 Ecobee Network driver. And, I have 7 Ecobee thermostats, all with firmware -- I know this is not quite the most recent, but the thermostats were installed after the last firmware update was pushed. Perhaps firmware is the issue? Anyway, what I am doing as a temporary workaround is to use the thermostat device variable "HOLD_MODE" to trigger updates in the comfort setting (see below for an example on one of my thermostats). It is very clunky, but it seems like the best I can do without getting the Ecobee to issue a permanent hold. Thanks for any insight.
  12. Hi, I am having some trouble understanding the commands in the Control4 driver for Ecobee. In particular, when I issue a device-specific command to set the Ecobee's comfort mode, the "HoldMode" option seems to do absolutely nothing. No matter what I set the HoldMode option to, the new comfort mode is only in effect until the next activity. How exactly do I change the comfort mode permanently? Thanks a lot.
  13. I have a zoned HVAC system with 7 zones. We recently switched to Ecobee 4 thermostats. We're using the native C4 driver to connect them. I would like to be able to use C4 to control which sensors are being used by the thermostat. I know I can use C4 to switch to one of the 3 default comfort modes, which can each have their own sensor settings, but I have a specific problem that I am struggling to solve using this method. I already have C4 code that switches comfort modes to home, away, and sleep, based on security system behavior. However, in one of our zones, I also have a custom comfort mode called "Movie Time" which switches the thermostat for one of our zones to read temperature only on the sensor in the home theater. (Normally, it reads temperature from 3 sensors in 3 different rooms.) I'd like to turn this mode on whenever the home theater gets switched on, but I'm struggling a bit in figuring out the best way to do this, since it appears the C4 driver can't trigger any of the custom comfort modes. (I'm a bit sad about the latter limitation!) One admittedly inelegant strategy is to rename the "movie time" comfort mode setting as the default "home" comfort mode on Ecobee, but just not schedule it. I'd then create "Home 2" as the routine "at home" comfort setting. Leaving aside the ugly aesthetics of this solution, will it cause a problem on the Ecobee side if the default "home" comfort mode is never scheduled to run? Moreover, if that works for Ecobee, I'd still need to figure out how to trigger the "Home 2" comfort setting whenever we return home. To that end, could I just trigger "Hold Off" behavior when we return home? And, would Ecobee just return to its regularly scheduled settings when I do that? (I do understand that I could just rely on the occupancy sensors to control Home/Away, but I really like using the security system state, which results in more immediate updates to the comfort modes.) Please feel free to let me know if I should be doing something entirely different to solve this problem; I don't love the approach I outlined above. Thanks a lot.
  14. Thanks, that is super helpful, and your explanation is spot on.
  15. Hi, I have been having intermittent C4 outages, and I've finally gotten to the bottom of the problem. It turns out that the issue traces back to my WattBox (WB-700-IPV-12). Every so often -- as in, once or twice per hour -- WB randomly cuts power to about half its outlets, and then waits 3 minutes to power them back on. I checked that auto-reboot is disabled on the WB, and I've restored all settings to factory default for good measure. I also restarted the WB's network card via the web interface. Neither of those actions solved this problem. The kicker is that one of the affected WattBox outlets controls the network switch to the main equipment rack; when that goes down, it takes out communication to my C4 director. And, unfortunately, I am unable to pull out the rack from the cabinet it lives in -- I have to wait a few days for my dealer to come out and do that. In the meantime, I'm stuck with the C4 system going down constantly. First question: is there anything else I can try to stop this behavior? Second question: if not, is this a hardware problem that requires replacing the WattBox? Third question: What the heck causes this behavior? (As an aside, I wasn't using the default password on the WattBox anyway, but I went ahead and changed it again, on the very remote chance this is some kind of malicious behavior.) Thanks very much for your help.